Do you remember making paper chains as a kid? One of two things would happen. You would either use too much glue so that the ends would go soggy and tear or you wouldn’t use enough glue and the ends wouldn’t stick together. Oh the childhood frustration!

Paper chains make for an easy party decoration, a cute way to add some colour into a kid’s bedroom or simply a fun kids craft idea. But if you don’t want the mess then this tutorial is for you. I use double sided tape as an alternative to glue. The best thing is that you can cut the strips and prepare ahead of time as a great busy box activity for the kids.

You will need

3 sheets of coloured A4 paper or cardboard (or get the kids to draw on some plain white paper and use that to make your strips)
photo mount or double sided tape

Start by drawing lines down the width of the paper at 2.5cm intervals. You will get 12 strips from one sheet of paper.

kids craft idea

Stick the photo mount or double sided tape along the length of one edge of the paper. Leave the backing on for now.

kids craft idea step by step

Carefully cut the strips. As Mister Maker would say “Be careful, because scissors are sharp.”

kids craft idea paper chains

Peel the backing from the tape on the first strip of paper and stick the two ends together to form a circle.

kids craft idea no-glue paper chains

Take the next strip and place it through the first circle and repeat the previous step.

kdis craft idea paper chains

Repeat until you have used all your strips. Hang from blinds, hooks on the wall or drape across furniture for decoration.

kids craft idea

What is your favourite craft activity from you were a kid?


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