If you are looking for a cute way to add some colour to your next dinner party or want a small vase to fill a space on a bookshelf then try this inexpensive craft idea for DIY painted glass vases. They look beautiful with flowers or cluster a few different coloured vases (without flowers) together for everyday pretty!

You will need

A glass vase, old jam jar or mason jar

Glass paint (Martha Stewart or Jo Sonja’s are good options)

A paintbrush

What to do

Ensure the glass is clean (particularly if it was previously used for food) and dry.

Follow the instructions on the bottle of paint you have chosen. You may need a few coats to achieve a smooth finish. You can paint on the inside or the outside of the jar. The jars we have made up are painted on the inside. This gives a nicer finish. If you are after a more rustic look, paint on the outside and lightly rub sandpaper over the surface.

Once dry you can use the jars as vases. Be careful with water as most of the glass paints will withstand water but are usually for decoration only so wash with care.

You can use regular acrylic paint for the jars but the paint will wash off with water so don’t use acrylic if you will be putting water in the vase.

Fill with flowers and enjoy your creation!

Here are a couple of shots of the painted glass vases I made for Olivia’s christening.

Gold painted glass vase

Lavender painted glass vase


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