I’m not much of a beach person. I grew up loving the beach but as I got older I developed an intense dislike for sand. That stuff gets into everything! But now that I have a daughter who thinks herself a mini beach babe, I have had to get over my hatred of sand and enjoy the time at the beach with her.

The kind folk at Bloom & Grow sent us a Trunki PaddlePak to test out and we have been using it for our last few visits to the beach. The PaddlePak is made of water resistant fabric making it splash proof and much to my joy, sand proof.

The bag has a roll down top which clips together at the top to prevent anything getting in the bag. It is also designed to stop anything leaking out so is perfect for putting wet swimmers in after swimming lessons so you don’t end up with a big wet patch on your skirt that makes you look like your wet yourself (speaking from experience).

The bag is much larger inside than it looks and can easily hold a kids towel, swimmers, hat, sunnies, sunscreen and beach toys. At the beach we actually use it for our phones and valuables that we don’t want sand to get in. Have you ever tried to get sand out of an iPhone speaker??

The PaddlePak withstood shovels full of sand flying in each and every direction by a certain hyped up toddler. My whole body on the other hand was covered in sand.

We have the Flo PaddlePak but the bag comes in a range of bright and colourful designs suitable for 2-6 year olds. For the older kids there are shark, dolphin and whale inspired PaddlePaks. PaddlePaks are available from www.brightstarkids.com.au, RRP$34.95.

paddlepak review

Do you have a PaddlePak? How do you keep sand out of everything at the beach?


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