It has now been one month since my gorgeous baby girl was first placed into my arms. At that moment the world outside stopped while I took in everything about this baby that had been growing inside me for the best part of a year. I have not stopped being amazed at my daughter and the wonder of being a mum.

In my life I have never had a feeling of being incomplete and yet when Olivia was born, I suddenly felt like a part of me that was missing had arrived. Once a person who hated to sit still and even while watching a movie would be jumping around doing things, I can now sit on the couch for hours cuddling my baby and watching her sleep. I love looking down to the baby in my arms and seeing her staring intently back at me, taking in everything about me as she adjusts to the outside world. I love seeing my husband interact with her when he arrives home from work and how she won’t seem to go to sleep until she is in daddy’s arms at night. I love that when I walk through the supermarket carrying her in a sling, people pause and smile because just looking at a baby can bring such joy.

I have learnt that I have more patience than I thought, more knowledge (or is it instinct?) than I believed and more love than I ever could have imagined. I am fortunate to have a good sleeper but that doesn’t mean I’m not tired and amazed at how I can now function on far less sleep than I am used to. I am also impressed with how much I am able to do with a baby in my arms. I have so far succeeded at putting my make-up on, preparing noddles for lunch, feeding the cat and putting grapes in a bag at the green grocer all with only one hand!

Motherhood is starting out as the best journey of my life and I have the best companions to share it with. It is a journey with no defined path, limitless possibilities and filled with laughter, tears and everything in between. I can’t wait to see where it takes us next…


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