“Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease.” -Lisa Alther

I had an epiphany this week. I had been doing this whole working mum thing completely wrong. I was a slave to my baby’s routine rather than being in control of it. I was also ignoring my natural strengths and the time of day I work best. I needed to implement my work at home mum routine to work alongside my baby’s routine.

Last week I wrote about how we made changes to Olivia’s sleep routine and how it had made a huge difference for us. The other thing we did was to push her bedtime back an hour to 8pm. The 7pm bedtime had felt like such a rush and chore each night. It was a race to get her fed, bathed and ready for bed as soon as hubby walked in the door every night. The extra hour has made a massive difference in creating a more relaxing environment at night.

I’m off track a bit, but what the later bedtime has meant for me as a working mum is that Olivia now sleeps an hour (or even more!) later in the morning. When I was at uni, I never pulled an all nighter but would get up early each morning to do my work for the day. I would then have the afternoon and evening to relax or do whatever it is that I wanted. I just don’t work well at night.

So, with the extra hour(s) of sleep, I have been getting up each day at around 6am and getting at least two hours of work in every day. It is amazing what a mum can do given two hours and a sleeping baby. I am writing better, actually answering emails rather than letting them sit in my inbox for weeks and just generally getting stuff done. It has seriously transformed my approach to how I run Kid Magazine and the level of work I can get done.

I actually feel in control of our routine and am loving the difference it has made in our day. Olivia is happier and even sleeping better during the day (giving me more time to work) and we are able to really enjoy our play time together without me having to worry about the work piling up. I am going to bed earlier, feeling refreshed and able to enjoy nights with hubby rather than retreating to the study. We are all winning!

Have you made changes to your family’s routine to help you get more done in your day? What did you do? What was the impact on your time?