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Win a TLC Treats prize

Too often mothers put themselves last and the unique essence they bring to the world as a divine woman is lost underneath the “mother load”. Women are also often their own worst critic and can be reluctant to ask for help or admit they are struggling with the juggle of work and family.

The Care Factor coaches working mums to balance their lives so they feel like themselves again. The workshops and personal coaching methods combine science and spirituality to foster a unique learning experience where self care is central to growth. Shannon’s coaching helps women to boost their wellbeing and self-care as a whole person, not just a mum, so that they thrive and have balance in their lives without a guilty conscience or that inner critic.

Shannon’s mantra is: Hug more! Care about stuff! Back yourself! Feel everything! Be balanced in mind, body and soul…. and love and live wholeheartedly.

The Care Factor is all about making self care a special ritual that keeps on nourishing you as an amazing woman throughout the year. Thus TLC Treats was created. TLC treats are a monthly care package which serve as a gentle reminder to make self-care a priority, not just on special occasions, but as part of your everyday life.

Each month a beautifully wrapped box or bag will arrive containing:

  1. A simply exquisite SELF CARE TREAT or two chosen especially for hardworking mums like you – that’s most important! The treats are a selection of beautiful lifestyle products from Australian companies that care about more than just their business.
  1. A note sharing the big reason WHY this SELF CARE is essential to your wellbeing.
  1. A rejuvenating yet simple SELF CARE RITUAL to complete that will bring CALM, JOY, and PEACE.

For your chance to win an amazing TLC Treats prize valued at $300 complete the form below. Competition closes at 7pm AEDST on Tuesday, 13 December 2016. Please read the competition terms & conditions before entering.