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I was recently sent an Epson EcoTank Expression ET-2550 to have a play with and share with all of you. The stand out feature of the EcoTank range is that each printer comes with up to two years of ink. Thankfully, the two year ink supply is the only thing the EcoTank range has in common with a two-year-old

It is easy to setup

Pick up the box, open it, a little jiggle and a pull and the printer is out. Pouring the ink in is super easy, as is downloading the software, and from there it is plug and play. No carrying the printer around for 9 months and then having to endure 10 hours of labour followed by months of sleepless nights!

Epson EcoTank Ink Refill

It doesn’t leave a mess

As I mentioned above, pouring the ink in is really straightforward and the beautiful thing is that when you put the ink in, it stays there. I got minimal ink on my hand and I suspect that is due to me being clumsy! No ink all over the walls while you aren’t looking or trails of crumbs through the house. It even colours between the lines!

Epson EcoTank Ink

It doesn’t talk back

I recently asked Miss Two to do something and her response was to put her hand up to me and say “me busy mummy”. “No” is her favourite word and she has mastered not hearing what I am saying to her. But your Epson EcoTank actually listens. It operates via WiFi so you can even talk to it from the next room and it will still do what you ask it to do. Genius!

It has an off switch

The lack of an off switch is a serious design flaw with two-year-olds. Putting them to bed doesn’t even guarantee the night off. Imagine if they did have off switches though? Instant quiet! The good news is the EcoTank printers do have an off switch. No good night kiss, 10 books and 5 glasses of water (plus all the rest) required.

Epson EcoTank Printer

It doesn’t take an hour to do just one thing

Printing is quick and efficient with Epson EcoTank and when you are finished you can just close the tray and press the aforementioned off switch. Not like when you ask your two-year-old to pack up their toys and an hour later one thing has been put away while another hundred have been pulled out. Yeah that.

It doesn’t take up lots of space

You know how you start off with a small corner of toys but as your child gets older that corner creeps further and further into the house? The Epson EcoTank won’t do that. It is compact and weighs less than 5kg, more like a very large newborn than a two-year-old.

As you can tell, the Epson EcoTank Expression ET-2550 has lots of great features. At $499 it is reasonably priced, especially considering the inclusion of the two year ink supply. No more expensive ink cartridge purchases. Hooray! Unfortunately they don’t offer trade ins for two-year-olds but I suspect you would want to hold onto yours anyway…

Epson EcoTank Compact Printer

What do you look for in a printer?


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