If you haven’t already discovered the amazing world of handmade online well, where have you been?? For the past few years communities like etsy and madeit have grown in popularity and brought the unique handmade goods of people all around the globe right to your fingertips. Each year as Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions approach I turn to these sites and look for the quirky and unusual gifts that I know will put a huge smile on the face of the recipient.

Handmade kids clothing has moved on from being the domain of gorgeous gifts from Grandma to playing a big role in the world of kids fashion. That isn’t the only reason I love handmade! First and foremost I love that often when you buy something handmade you are buying a completely unique item. Your little one will be rocking a style seen nowhere else on no other child. Their personality is unique – why shouldn’t their clothing be too?

Secondly, handmade sellers can often customise items or make a completely new product based on what you need. For anyone who isn’t a sewing expert but has a certain outfit in mind, if you can’t find it online you can usually find a seller who will be able to create your masterpiece for you. In my experience the service is wonderful and very personal and I walk away feeling very pleased with my purchase.

Still not convinced? Then think about the quality of the items you are buying and the time spent creating them. I spent many years making kids clothing and accessories and put great effort into producing each and every piece knowing it would need to stand up to some very active children. Handmade items are individually produced and so the seller knows every step of the process and can ensure quality control each step of the way.

While I do love the world of handmade, there are a few caveats to keep in mind, particularly when buying clothing.

1. Beware of sizing. Each designer is working off different patterns and measurements so sizing is likely to vary greatly. Ensure you read item descriptions carefully and ask for measurements if not provided.

2. Check the feedback ratings for the seller you are buying from. Read what other people have had to say about the items they have purchased from the seller before hitting that “buy” button.

3. Read the returns policy carefully. For customised items, often you will be unable to return it if you are unhappy so make sure you have done your research before placing your order.

To help you on your handmade journey I have started the legwork for you and found five handmade shops selling funky kids fashion from around the world.

For custom hand applique t-shirts head to My Little Legacies on etsy. For retro inspired kids clothes (I especially love their Peter Pan collar dresses) check out Little Lambs on madeit. The cutest collection of vintage children’s tees can be found at Cotton Laundry on etsy. For beautiful floral print dresses for little girls try Sweet Honey on etsy. Finally, an old Kid Magazine favourite is Lamonster on etsy for modern kids clothing with an old fashioned twist.

Have we missed your favourite handmade shop? Tell us now!



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