Imagine a world where women no longer stand in front of a wardrobe overflowing with clothes and say “I have nothing to wear”. Imagine having a small (not too small of course) selection of clothes in the right colours, fabrics and shapes so that every time you open your wardrobe you know that whatever you put on will make you look and feel fabulous.

While many of us will have closets bursting with clothes we rarely, if ever, wear, it is those who carefully handpick the perfect pieces that are going to limit their fashion disasters. The clothes they pick are in the colours that suit their skin tone, the fabrics that hang in all the right places and the shapes that show off the best bits of their bodies (while subtly taking care of the not so best bits).

The challenge is getting the mountain of clothing down to a more manageable, suitable and perfectly stylish collection. The first step to take is to get to know your body shape. With the Westfield Body Shape Calculator you can enter your bust, waist and hips measurements to find out whether you are an apple, rectangle, pear, inverted triangle or hourglass. It will then tell you the styles and cuts that suit you the best. If you shop at a store like Birdsnest you can even create a style profile and see recommendations of clothing from their store that will be perfect for your shape.

A simple way to work out what colours work for you hold different items of clothing up to your face and see how they make you look. Do you look washed out and dull? Or bright and fresh? Alternatively you can see a professional and get a colour analysis (google will help you find tons of options in your local area). At a colour analysis you will generally get some fabric swatches in your colours to take away that will help you cull your wardrobe of the wrong colours and select the right colours when purchasing in the future.

For me, fabric is something that you will just get to know and with online shopping this is even more important. Look through your closet at you favourite pieces and see what fabric they are made of. You will start to learn what fabrics you like to wear and what fabrics aren’t very flattering on you.

Saying goodbye to some pieces in your wardrobe may be a hard task but if you haven’t worn it for 2 seasons, then you are unlikely to wear it again. Take the tips above with you and start sorting through that wardrobe so that you can fill it with clothes that 100% suit you. Do you have a tip for culling the wardrobe or finding the perfect pieces for you?


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