You know at high school when you did the silly quizzes in Dolly magazine like “What colour is your aura?” or “What type of girlfriend are you?” Well, this isn’t anything like that. This is way more important and life changing. This is about how you can get dinner on the table without even leaving the house. The only time you will need to wear pants is when you open the door to collect the food delivery from your doorstep.

Aren’t there some nights where you think to yourself, “do they really want dinner again?” I notoriously forget to defrost meat or go to make a curry only to discover I have no curry paste or a bolognaise with no tomatoes. I have become quite the queen of improvisation. But then there are some nights where I just want it to be easy. I want to get dinner on the table quickly but there are only so many nights where you can serve bacon and eggs before the family starts to threaten riots… So here are the four dinner-to-your-door personalities. And it wouldn’t be a personality quiz without your perfect food delivery match for each!

Bring it to me hot and fast

You love to try new food from around the world but want to do it in your pyjamas on the couch. You may like cooking or you may not but either way, sometimes you just want someone else to do all the work for you.

Perfect partner:

Home delivery, the saviour of many burnt dinners, tired mamas and hungry University students. But in recent years home delivery has developed from the paper menus on the fridge to services like Eat Now. You can search for restaurants that will deliver in your area, pay online (with paypal or credit card) or cash on delivery and also access different loyalty programs. You know when the pizza delivery guy asks what is different about your house because you have had your driveway redone that it is probably time to switch to Thai for awhile…

Have microwave, not afraid to use it

You want your family to enjoy beautiful chef created food but you aren’t that chef and you love to have a freezer full of food, cooked by someone else. You love having “home cooked” dinner parties and impressing the pants off your friends.

Perfect match:

If you want to have good quality ready meals in your freezer, skip the supermarket versions and shop somewhere like Dish’d. You can buy main meals, side dishes, finger food, desserts, meat, single serve options and family size dinners that are all chef prepared and frozen ready for you to reheat and eat. I buy Dish’d meals for when hubby is away or keep them stashed in the freezer for nights when I really can’t be bothered to cook. Sign up to the newsletter as they often have some amazing special offers.

Hand me my dinner on a platter and I’ll cook it

You love to cook but are lacking the inspiration and time to think about what to cook, let alone buying the ingredients. You want your meals to be fresh and delicious without having to think about it.

Perfect match:

This week I’ve been trialling a new arrival to the scene, Marley Spoon. Currently only available in Sydney, Marley Spoon delivers the ingredients and recipe you need to make a delicious dinner and all you have to do is put it all together (i.e. cook it). The ingredients are ultra fresh and we found we were getting 4 serves out of each meal for 2 so it is perfect for lunch leftovers.

Love cooking, hate shopping

You love cooking and finding inspiring recipes but the thought of heading to the supermarket leaves you in a cold sweat. You want to spend your time coming up with new recipes and food pairings and less time attempting to navigate a wayward trolley through the grocery aisles.

Perfect match:

Online grocery shopping is my new favourite thing. You have complete control over what you order, when it is delivered (except if they are running late!!) and the bonus is that if you aren’t sure if you have something for a recipe, all you need to do is check the pantry. I do my groceries online with Woolworths but Coles also deliver.

Which dinner-to-your-door personality are you? Do you ever wonder why you need to feed your family every night?


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