I think back to my pregnancy when I would lie in bed at night, massaging my growing belly. I would feel my baby inside me and with each kick and roll my heart would grow bigger filling with love for this person that I hadn’t even met but knew so well.

And when she was born, my heart swelled and exploded with love. I had created this person and all I wanted for her was the absolute best in life. A couple of nights after she was born I sat feeding her, in the dark hospital room, tears filling my eyes with pure joy and amazement at the beautiful baby I had been given the privilege of calling my daughter.

But then the adrenaline fades and you are left feeling tired, emotional, frazzled, frustrated, confused, and did I mention tired?? One thing doesn’t change however and that is the feeling of wanting to do the absolute best for your baby.

All of our decisions are based on this. Breast or bottle? Whatever is best for baby. Is baby too hot? Or too cold? Is she ready for solids? Teaching, playing, interacting and comforting. We do it all to give baby the best start in life as we possibly can.

And then our baby grows and we make decisions about daycare centres and preschools, swimming lessons or ballet, more teaching, playing, interacting and comforting as well as disciplining and rewarding. Only now we are setting our kids up to be independent citizens, educated and empowered, respectful and honest, kind and true.

I was really interested to read the Fisher-Price™ Mums’ Hopes and Wishes survey and learn that Happiness; Respect for parents and elders; Honesty; Politeness and Self-Assurance are the globally ranked as the key traits mums wants to instil in their children. The survey was conducted with more than 3,500 mums from across China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

I know this certainly holds true for me. If I think about the type of person I want Olivia to become, I want her to be independent, the type of person who would stop to pick up someone’s wallet if they drop it or to give up her seat on the bus for someone who needs it more than her. A concerned global citizen who does what she can to change the world. A woman who values friendships and family and has oodles of love to give.

There is a really lovely video released by Fisher-Price, featuring Jules Sebastian as well as two expert commentators, if you are interested in finding out more about the research and seeing some super cute babies!

Note: this post is not in any way sponsored, I just loved the themes that came out of the research and wanted to share my thoughts on the subject with you!

What do you want for your kids? Do you consciously think about this often?


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