I am so in love with flamingos. It might be their stature and elegance or maybe it is just because they are all pink. I really wanted to have a flamingo theme for Olivia’s first birthday party but all I managed to sneak in was a birthday candle. Maybe next year! I have a flamingo lunchbox, notebook, garden statues, wall prints and growing. When I was thinking what to feature in my first etsy roundup of the year, I couldn’t go past my old pink friend. I literally found over 100 items that I adore and spent hours drooling over them and culling the list back. I might have to do fabulous flamingos part 2 in a few weeks. Do you love flamingos as much as I do?


1. Double coin purse by ElevenRoosters  2. Flamingo print by LilyandVal  3. Pink cycling flamingos card by AmelieLegault  4. Flamingo watercolor print by WatercolorBook  5. Flamingo scarf by MiaoMiaoDesign  6. Pink flamingo phone case by GoldenDayDesigns  7. Foil flamingo monogram notecards by Chicfetti  8. Fancy flamingo plate set by yvonneellen  9. Pink flamingo pillow by LandofPillowsDotCom

** I love Etsy, yes I do! And that is why I joined their affiliate program. The links in this post are affiliate links but you can be assured that I spent over an hour researching the best of the best and would never recommend anything that I wouldn’t buy for myself or my family. You might like to read this post I wrote in 2012 about why I love buying handmade.

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