Yesterday I had one of those days. You know the ones where you have to laugh or you will cry. It all started at 2:30am. Hubby was away for work and I think Olivia knew it because she woke at 2:30am and then every hour or so after that. Needless to say she ended up in bed with me before I ended up tripping over the cat on yet another zombie walk to the nursery.

We eventually made it to morning and what do you know but she decided that her morning nap wasn’t required. Maybe not for her but I was TIRED! Our cat, Nigella, also decided that after weeks of ignoring my existence that yesterday was the day she needed my full and undivided attention at all times. Olivia took the opportunity to admire Nigella so I spent much of my morning trying to teach a 7-month-old how to be gentle when patting a cat whilst attempting to telepathically tell the cat not to get too close to the baby who wasn’t quite grasping the concept of gentle.

We somehow made it through breakfast, I threw some clothes on Olivia, gave Nigella a quick scratch to keep her happy, dug around in the bottom of my wardrobe for something for me to wear (did I mention my washing pile is about to be rezoned for it’s own postcode?) and we were off to play group where I was sure my darling would drift off to sleep. WRONG! She stayed awake the whole time, glaring at me with her red overtired eyes any time I made the slightest move to get her to sleep.

Thank you to my car and baby sleep whisperer, Olivia fell asleep within seconds of leaving play group. Things were finally on the up. I happily drove off to the shops we were visiting for the afternoon and sat in the car for 30 minutes after we arrived checking emails and enjoying the peace and quiet while she slept in the back. Bliss. Until the car battery went flat just as she was waking up. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

Wait 40 minutes in the back of the car for the NRMA, part with $220 for a new battery and venture off to find something to eat. My normally very angelic daughter decided that today she was going to attempt a world record for the loudest baby talking (yelling?) in a shopping centre. So there I am pushing the pram, carrying Olivia and wondering if I ever woke up or if it was all just a bad dream?

But today will be a better day. I washed a load of clothes last night so I have something to wear, Olivia is currently taking her morning nap after a fairly full nights sleep and I started the morning with a cup of tea which I drank while it was still hot. I even managed the mammoth task of taking off my old, chipped nail polish. Yes, today will definitely be a better day.

How do you manage THOSE days in your life?


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