You know when you start a new job and three months in you hit your stride? That is how I feel about the first three months of being a mum, only motherhood is the most enjoyable job I have ever done. I love every time I see my bubba smile, every time I hear her laugh and every time she falls asleep with her little arms trustingly wrapped around me. I love the challenges, the fun, the tears and the laughter.

The last three months I have seen my baby girl grow 12cm, gain 2kg and multiply the already plentiful hair on her head. I have also seen her develop a most beautiful personality. She is a little girl with much to say (it is a mystery where the trait comes from…). So much to say in fact that at my mum’s 60th birthday party last week she wouldn’t stop ‘talking’ through the speeches. And then at our first playgroup this week she was silent until the organiser stood up to explain how the sessions run and then she started her chatting again.

We were told while still pregnant that the first three months of being parents is just about survival and we survived and thrived! Here are five tips I have learnt from the last three months.

1. Patience with a dash of humour. If you are breastfeeding there may be days where it feels like you constantly have baby attached to your boob. Or there will be other days where you make three cups of tea and don’t get to drink any of them hot. Or days when you keep looking at the growing washing pile as you walk around the house rocking baby to sleep. Patience alone won’t get you through these and many more difficult days and situations, it isn’t enough. But patience with humour might bring you that bit closer. Laugh and laugh a lot. It will get better.

2. Ask lots of questions. You will no doubt have lots of mums around you. Whether it is your own mum, mother-in-law, sisters, friends, work colleagues or neighbours there are mums everywhere who are an untapped resource full of knowledge on how to handle various situations. While I was pregnant I asked loads of questions of my friends about why they were doing certain things with their babies. After baby came along and I was unsure about something I would ask one or more of my trusted mummy circle. Any advice I was given I would probe for more information. Take the advice that works for you and your baby and you will grow in confidence everyday.

3. Invest in a camera. I have taken A LOT of photos of my daughter but on looking back at them, some of the ones taken on my iPhone are not the best quality. I have started using our digital camera to capture some of the special moments and the quality is much better. Whatever you choose to take your photos with make sure you back them up. I use Copy for backing up all my photos and it is then really easy to share them with loved up grandparents

4. Join a mothers group. You may have friends with children but joining a mothers group of mums in the same stage of motherhood as you will be one of the most valuable things you can do. Your babies will be going through developmental milestones together so this will be an amazing forum to bounce ideas around and muddle through motherhood together. But remember that you only get out what you put in. Share your wins and successes with the other mums and you will take away so much more.

5. Enjoy every minute. Imprint the memory of those tiny baby cuddles in your mind and savour every smile that comes your way. Before you know it they will be moving into their big girl cot and you will wake up to find your baby tracker app telling you they are no longer a newborn. Sigh.

What is the best piece of advice you would give a new mum on making it through those first months?


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