It’s a hot day and the kids reach for the freezer to have an ice block to cool themselves off but the last thing you want is more sugar cursing through their veins when you know it is probably already going to be one of those long, hot, sticky nights. The answer? Follow these ice block recipes to make your own and avoid the sugar!

I was recently sent a few packets of Zip Pops to try out and with the hot weather of late it sparked me into action. Zip Pops are these clever little pouches that you can fill yourself for homemade ice blocks. Plus the corners aren’t as hard as store bought ice blocks so they are a bit gentler on the corners of your mouth.

Each of these ice block recipes makes about 10 Zip Pops. I used my Tefal Cuisine Companion to mix each of the ingredients and it took under two minutes for each one.

homemade ice blocks

Creamy mango and coconut ice blocks

4 mangos, flesh only
1 x 400ml tin light coconut cream

Process the mango in a high powered blender until it is a completely smooth puree. Add in the coconut cream and blend until combined and then pour into the mould.

Watermelon and mint ice block recipe

1kg watermelon, rind and seeds removed
1/2 cup mint, roughly chopped

Place the mint into the bowl of a high powered blender and process until very fine. Add in the watermelon and blend until smooth. Pour into the moulds. If your kids will freak out at the green bits in their ice block, strain through a fine sieve before pouring into the moulds.

Tropical banana, coconut and passionfruit icy poles

3 ripe bananas, skin removed
500ml coconut water
3 passionfruit

Process the banana into a high powered blender until completely smooth, this may take a minute or so. Add in the coconut water and process until combined. Scoop the seeds from the passionfruit into the bowl and stir with a spoon to combine. Pour into the moulds.

fruit ice blocks

Do you make your own ice blocks? What ingredients do you use? 

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