If you’ve got tickets to a Wiggles concert then you have the hottest tickets in town, for the under five set that is. Kids love to dress up and going to a concert is no different. If your kids want to look like their favourite Wiggle then here are some funky fashion finds inspired by The Wiggles. A black skirt or pair of black jeans or tights on the bottom, one of these cool and colourful shirts on top and you are ready to go.


Wiggles fashion Emma Wiggle

1. Yellow bows and buttons singlet, $19.95, www.rockyourbaby.com  2. Cap Sleeve Top in Butter, $29.95, www.eenimeeni.com  3. Fox stripe top, $24.95, www.plumcollections.com.au  4. Long sleeve graphic tee, $14.99, www.charlieandmekids.com.au  5. SS T-shirt Mr Nail, $47.95, bucketsandspades.com.au  6. Lemondrop head wrap, $16, www.topknotshop.com


Wiggles fashion lachy wiggle

1. Rainy rainbow crew, $50, www.mrwolfkids.com.au  2. Double flutter top, $8, www.mixapparel.com.au  3. Purple Coolifornia short sleeve t-shirt, $20, au.riverisland.com  4. Magenta frill top, $34.95, www.eenimeeni.com  5. White/rhubarb stripe shirt, $74.95, www.eenimeeni.com  6. 3D shark mouth t-shirt, $11.50, au.nextdirect.com


Wiggles fashion Simon Wiggle

1. Nununu flame skull t-shirt, $49.95, www.alittlebitofcheek.com.au  2. Bow print top, $29.95, www.plumcollections.com.au  3. Signtaure T-Shirt in Rhubarb, $44.95, www.eenimeeni.com  4. Peplum top, $49.95, www.witchery.com.au  5. Red t-shirt, $11.50, au.nextdirect.com  6. Girls leopard blouse, $49.95, www.oshkosh.com.au


Wiggles fashion Anthony Wiggle

1. Girls’ short sleeve heart t-shirt, $8, www.target.com.au  2. Blue reversible stripe bamboo hoodie, $49.95, www.ilovedoodlebug.com.au  3. Majori LS print tee, $16.95, cottononkids.com.au  4. Printed long sleeve top, $19.99, www.pumpkinpatch.com.au  5. SS Western shirt, $14, www.mixapparel.com.au  6. Patchwork applique t-shirt, $25.20, www.bodenclothing.com.au

What is your Wiggles fashion tip?


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