Are you struggling to find time to fit in exercise in your busy day? Do your know the entire back catalogue of The Wiggles after hours and hours of watching their DVDs? Do you rock a brightly coloured shirt like no ones business? Then have I got the workout for you!

I’m calling it Wigglercise and it is the ultimate workout for mums. Well, maybe not THE ultimate workout but if you are struggling to fit in a 30 second shower each day let alone a 30 minute workout then this might be your answer. If you saw the photo The Wiggles posted on Facebook of Anthony and Simon working out then you would know that they must be doing something right…

So, throw on your gym clothes (or stay in your pyjamas – no judging here), grab your toddlers and ready, steady, wiggle with my ultimate Wigglercise home workout. Set up a playlist on Youtube or Spotify to dance along to with the kids. And if you do it while they are asleep, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

The Shimmie Shake
Get your shimmie on.

Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?)
Not the fastest beat but lots of up and down and turning around.

Hot Potato
Carbs are ok in a song aren’t they?

Do the Propeller
Get those arms working.

Five Little Joeys
Just jumping really but lots of it.

Follow the Leader
A favourite in our house

Joannie Works with One Hammer
I don’t recommend you use a hammer for this one but a couple of tins of soup might step it up.

Romp Bomp a Stomp
Get your heartbeat up with lots of stamping your feet, jumping and hands in the air.

How do you fit in exercise around the kids? Do you have a favourite TV show you all like to dance along to?


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