The greatest gift we can give our kids is our time… but that’s easier said than done.

If your family is anything like mine, you start the weekend with good intentions. Fast forward a few hours while you are still deciding what to do and you end up doing nothing other than gardening and folding the laundry. So fun for the whole family!

We need some structure to make sure that we do prioritise family time… and fill it with family activities that we will all enjoy, not just trying to make hanging the laundry seem like a fun game.

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The WeDo Game

This is where The WeDo Game comes in. It’s quite simple really – it’s a collection of family activities that you can do together to disconnect from your devices and the busyness of life so you can reconnect as a family.

The activities aren’t things that require you to fork out tons of cash. They are simple things like spending time working on your family tree or creating a family music playlist.

The WeDo Game Family Edition

Family Edition

The original WeDo Game is the family edition, born out of a need to spend more time together as a family… away from the pull of devices and distractions. What started as a tool for one family has grown into a way for families everywhere to reconnect as a family unit.

Since we’ve had The WeDo Game in our house, we’ve primarily been playing the The Family Edition, designed for families with kids aged 5-13. I have a six-year-old and three-year-old so the activities are better suited to my older daughter, although the younger one does join in.

The WeDo Game Family Edition

One activity we really enjoyed together was “Let’s Draw”. We had to set a timer for 20 minutes and each draw another member of the family.

Miss six was very competitive asking for regular checks on the time left. When we finished I asked Miss three who she had drawn. Her response, “This isn’t a people. This is a ‘mato.” So there you go. My drawing ability is certainly not a strength but it was a really fun activity that we all enoyed… and one I think we will be repeating often.

The WeDo Game Family Activities

I must say that sitting and watching Miss Six completing her family tree with her grandma was definitely a highlight of the game.

We still have so many activities to do… and with the school holidays coming up I think we are going to tackle a few a week to fill our time.

Toddler Edition

The WeDo Game Toddler Edition is more suited to my three-year-old, designed for families with kids aged 2-4.

The WeDo Game Toddler Activities

My youngest daughter loves reading even more than her big sister so ‘Once Upon A Time’ was an activity she loved. In fact, it’s become part of our daily routine to read a book and then make up a story about the character. I love the creativity and she loves being able to engage with me beyond the story.

The WeDo Game Toddler Activity Ideas

Baby Edition

The final piece of The WeDo Game puzzle is the Baby Edition, designed for the tiniest members of the family, aged 0-2.

The WeDo Game Baby Edition

I think back to those early years with my girls and new motherhood can be very isolating. In most cases you go from being a work environment surrounded by other people to being at home alone most days just you and your baby. Not that there is anything wrong with that… spending hours staring at your baby is perfectly acceptable!

The WeDo Game Baby Activities

The WeDo Game can give you some structure in your day when you need it… something to do other than sing nursery rhymes or point at pictures in board books. The activities are designed to help you bond with your baby and to bond as a family.

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