Think back to the moment you saw that little line on a stick indicating that you were pregnant. Or your first ultrasound seeing baby kicking away inside of you. Or when you first hold that baby in your arms. The joy these moments bring is incomparable to anything else. This is a life that you have created, nurtured and given birth to. Amazing!

But as the journey progresses, there are other simple joys that make the ride worthwhile. So often we focus on the hard parts of mum life. The challenges and the dips in the roller coaster. But if we don’t celebrate the simple things, the joys in amongst the chaos, what are we left with? These are the simple things, the joys of motherhood that get me through the hard days.

The firsts

I will always remember the first time I heard my daughter give a real belly laugh. My mum was over giving her a bath and all of a sudden from the other side of the house I heard this roaring chuckle. She had laughed before but nothing like this. I ran into the bathroom just in time to catch the end of it.

Whether it is the first smile or first steps or first day at school, these are the moments that make our hearts swell with joy. Sometimes bittersweet, as they represent a change or growing up, but joyful nonetheless.


Maybe this is a personal one for me given how much of a bookworm I am, but hearing my daughter reading to herself brings me pure happiness. My Little Miss can’t read yet, so at this stage she is just using her memory to tell the story. But in her mind she thinks she is reading and to me that shows independence and a desire to learn. We will hopefully share this passion for words and books as she grows and that fills me with excitement and anticipation!


When you are at the park and you see your child helping another kid up when they have fallen over. Or you are told a story about how your son or daughter stood up for a child that was being bullied. Knowing that your kids are capable of kindness and aren’t afraid to show it is something that makes you so proud as a mother. Even better when that kindness is directed towards us. A gentle hand on your face when they can tell you are feeling a bit down. Or a present they have made just for you when you thought maybe they were up to no good!


And by love, I specifically mean when you catch yourself watching while your kid is with the people you love most, being loved by them and giving love in return. Your partner, parents, siblings and friends who mean so much to you, now love your little people just as much and the love is returned.


From very early on, you can see your baby’s personality develop. Whether they are cheeky, sensitive, extraverted or just plain happy, they will start to show these traits in the first few months. This is joyful enough in itself, but watching that personality really come into it’s own is an amazing privilege to witness.


Kids very quickly go from playing alongside their peers, to playing with them and developing friendships. I love when I drop my Little Miss at daycare and see her little friends run up to greet her. When I pick her up in the afternoon she tells me all about what she did with her friends at school and often brings up their names during the week. Some kids form friendships easier than others and for those parents, I can only imagine that the joy is amplified!


As much as we love them and they bring joy to our hearts, is there really nothing sweeter than tucking your child into bed at night and seeing their peaceful, sleeping face lying on the pillow? All the sins of the day can be forgiven, knowing that you will get a fresh start tomorrow.

What other simple joys of motherhood would you add to the list?


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