Do you remember the days before iPads, smart phones, Wii consoles – the dreaded three screens – when kids played with paper dolls? Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live without any of my screens but I do reminisce about the days when toys made from paper created hours of fun.

Bring the paper doll back I say! So that you can recreate the fun of your childhood for your kids we have found some of the best paper dolls available on the web. Fashion mixed with toys – what more can we say?


1. Mr Printables takes paper dolls to a whole new level with these 3D Cone Girls. Available for FREE they come in 3 sets for mix-and-match dressing.

2. This one is in Italian so I can’t tell you what it says but the vintage dolls are super cute. 4 different sets to cut out and play with.

3. Over at etsy (have I told you how much I LOVE etsy??) Sarah Jane Studios has a few collections of delightful vintage inspired paper dolls ranging in price from $3-$10USD.

4. One for the boys. Also over at etsy AnneMadeArt has a print and colour paper doll boys set for $4USD. Agirls print and colour set is also available for the same price.

5. For something more modern check out PaperDoll (also on etsy). Sets range from $2USD. This is our favourite from the collection.

6. For a personalised paper doll of your child visit Sandy Ford Design. Send a photo of your child and you will receive a personalised printable paper doll with 5 outfits for $20USD (10 outfits for $25USD and 20 outfitsfor $30USD). This would be perfect as a party game for a child’s birthday.


Have you found awesome paper dolls somewhere else?? Email us and tell us about them.


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