With the amount we spend on nappies it is loath to see any go to waste. But we all know the frustration of digging around the cupboard or the nappy bag to find a few nappies that our little ones have grown out of. That is where The Nappy Collective comes in. A community initiative, The Nappy Collective takes donated nappies and redistributes them to families in need.

Three times a year, The Nappy Collective runs a two week collection where individuals can drop their unused, unwanted nappies to one of 20 collection points across NSW and Victoria. The nappies are then sorted by a team of volunteers and distributed to organisations that support families in crisis or need. For these families, having clean nappies for their little ones helps them to focus on getting their lives back on track without that one extra worry.

Started by a group of mums who all had just a handful of nappies that their toddlers didn’t fit into anymore, The Nappy Collective is based on the premise that while a handful may not mean much to you or I, collectively a handful of nappies can make a big difference.

And now is your chance to contribute to the collective and help make a difference. Until Sunday 2nd March you can take your leftover nappies to one of the 20 collection points below. Have a good search in the drawers, nappy bag and even the car to see if you can contribute. Every nappy counts!

For more information on how you can get involved, visit The Nappy Collective website.

The Nappy Collective Collection Points


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