By Beth O’Donnell from Happy Mummy Movement

Do you feel a bit blah? I’ve been there! A few times. I’ve felt that feeling… New day… same story. Feeling like life is a bit hum-drum. Being a mum is hard work and our days sometimes feel like they roll into one. We often get so consumed in ‘mummy-land’ that we forget to take care of ourselves and our energy and minds begin to suffer. It is vital to take care of yourself! This article is for you…
Getting out of a rut is hard but put an end to your days of feeling rundown and stop feeling sorry for yourself. I assure you that if you religiously follow these simple tips you will be feeling more energetic about life in no time…


Behind every great man is a great woman and behind every great woman is a great multivitamin. Help your body perform at its best by taking a multivitamin daily. Personally, I take a multivitamin and when I run out I can definitely feel a drop in my energy levels. Vitamin B, Magnesium and Coenzyme Q10 are all great for improving well-being. Visit your health food store to find a vitamin to suit you.

Fuel your body

Eat healthy, nutritious foods and drink plenty of water – PLENTY! You can’t expect your body and mind to keep running on empty or junk!  You must have breakfast! I know it’s easy to forget yourself during the morning rush – but you really must! If you’re lucky to have some time up your sleeve in the mornings then eggs or oats are a great breakfast food and will sustain you through the madness until morning tea. However, if your mornings are more chaotic and by the time you walk out the door your kitchen looks like breakfast was served by preschoolers, then I highly recommend visiting your local health food store and asking them to suggest a protein shake for you so that you can get breakfast – fast and never skip it again.

Switch off and stop the comparisons

Social media can sometimes become a real drain on your mind and in turn your body. Facebook is usually a platform for people to share only the highlights of their lives – their holidays, their work promotion, their child receiving the Principals award, their latest shiny, happy photo. We never see a status update about how she’s been so disorganised lately that she’s visited the grocery store 6 times this week, or how she burst into tears at the kids bath time because she was soooo damn exhausted. We never see her post a photo of herself with bed-hair and baby food on her PJs. It’s easy to feel like your life is less than average. But your life is NOT less than average. Your life is normal and it is GOOD… no it is great! Just because you don’t hear about the normal, hum-drum events in your Facebook feed does not mean they don’t happen to other people… because believe me they do!! No one has the perfect life… we all have crappy days. So stop the comparisons and switch off. Regularly give yourself a social media free day or weekend and refrain from checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your personal email account. You might be surprised at how at ease you will feel by doing this.


Do something that makes you happy and do it regularly. Play hide and seek with the kids. A card game with your husband. Jump on the trampoline! Go to the park! Go for a family walk around the block and pick some flowers along the way. Call your girlfriends and organise to catch up for dinner and dessert. Organise a babysitter and go for a long lunch with your lover! Laugh! Watch a comedy show… my favourite is Michael McIntyre. Laughing is so good for the soul. Find happiness in your every day. Life is too short not to!


If you’re feeling really lethargic you need to exercise. I know! It sounds insane… but when you’re feeling tired on a regular basis exercise is what you need. 20 minutes a day is all it takes. That can be… chasing the kids around the backyard, running around the park or kicking a ball at the local oval. Put on some funky music and really get into the housework (this is my personal favourite because after all that exercise I have a tidy house!). Go for a walk with a friend. Join a gym if that’s what you’re into. Put on a workout DVD. Jump on the trampoline. Go for a swim. There’s so many options – you just need to choose what works for you and do it. You will thank yourself for it.


Find a way to relax everyday (usually once the children are tucked up in bed). Whether it be by enjoying a hot cup of tea, doing some exercise, watching a movie, chatting with a girlfriend on the phone, sitting quietly and reading a book. Prioritise some time just for you to unwind.


A hot shower with a nice smelling shower gel. An uninterrupted hot shower is one of the favourite parts of my day.  I LOVE using a delicious smelling shower gel to lift my spirits and soothe my mind. My favourite is Priya Shower Gels… they’re so beautiful and affordable. The best part is you can find them easily and affordably in Woolworths!

Be kind

There’s nothing more draining than being negative or being surrounded by negative people. Surround yourself with people who lift you higher and speak only kind words about people. Be kind to others and most importantly be kind to you! Forgive yourself for the bad days and always remember that in the morning there is a new day awaiting you. A day where you can try again. Remember… little eyes are watching and ears are listening too.


A good long sleep! Go to bed early… as soon as the children are asleep make sure you’re in bed too within an hour, after giving yourself some time to wind down. I can’t stress how important sleep is. As a mum it’s sometimes tempting to stay up late to get some ‘me-time’ or to catch up on the laundry or make the school lunches… but all of that can wait and you will be much more efficient in the morning having had a restful sleep. Sometimes getting some ‘me-time’ means getting a good sleep so you can be the best kind of you.

Mindset and perspective

You mind is a powerful thing. It can do anything! Fill your mind with good, positive thoughts and your life will change. Enjoy life and look for the good moments each day and tell yourself ‘Life is good!’ Stop thinking about how stressed you are and instead think about how blessed you are!!

If after following these tips you’re still not feeling as good as you think you should then it’s best to plan a visit to your GP.


About the author

In a former life Beth was a Primary School teacher, and then a Beauty therapist. She is currently a stay at home mum to an ever-entertaining 3.5 year old girl and the most well behaved 9 month old baby boy that ever existed.

She is also the founder of HAPPY MUMMY MOVEMENT, whose focus is being a source of inspiration and guidance to mums throughout their motherhood journey. Through HAPPY MUMMY MOVEMENT, Beth reminds mums to find some ‘mummy me time’ regularly and use positive self-talk daily. You can connect with her on Facebook for more tips and reminders on being a Happy Mummy. 

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