My lips are sealed. Read my lips. Keep a stiff upper lip. Lips are not only overly-cliched but every day they get a workout – talking, eating, and for the lucky ones kissing! For such an important body part, keeping them soft, supple and looking hot should be at the top of your beauty list.

Lipstick vs. lip gloss

The answer to this question is really down to personal preference but in my opinion they both have a place. Lipstick brings a more vibrant colour to your lips while gloss adds sheen. I wear a gloss over my lipstick to add a shine to the colour. For a casual look or when you are sporting bold eye make-up stick with a gloss. If you are toning down your eye make-up then add a statement lip with a bright colour choice.

Colour me pretty

The colour options are endless when it comes to both lipstick and gloss. The great thing about lipstick is that it is relatively inexpensive so you don’t just need to stick with one colour. Changing your lip colour also gives you a completely new look. For Spring/Summer 2012 start with a red shade and add in a nude lipstick or some other bright colours such as orange, fuchsia or a hint of berry. Lipstick generally has a shelf life of two years so if you have any lippies that have been lying around since Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister then it is time to throw them out.

It is a fine line

With lip liner you want to avoid your lips looking like the outline of a. You have two options when lining lips – the first is to lightly line the lips and colour the entire lip before applying the lipstick. The second is to apply your lipstick and then line lips. Make sure the liner matches the colour of your lipstick.

Longer lasting lipstick

For every cup of coffee during the day you will leave traces of your lip colour behind. Losing colour throughout the day is inevitable but using a lip primer product will help not only moisturise your lips but also help with longer lasting lip colour. I find lasting wear products often dry my lips out so primer is the perfect solution to achieve the same effect.

A few products to get you started



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