Today I have officially hit the 20 week mark of my pregnancy. It feels just like yesterday that my body was screaming at me to have another baby and so I set about convincing hubby that now was the right time to try for number two. I had prepared my case in my head, with a rebuttal for every possible objection he could have. But he really wasn’t very hard to convince, he was already on board, and now here we are.

The past 20 weeks have flown by at lightning speed. I am reminded daily of the person growing inside of me as they occasionally give me a little kick or I feel the familiar pain in my hips from the extra weight and pressure I am carrying. But the reminders are subtle and fleeting. It is usually only when I collapse into bed at night that I have time to think about the miracle occurring.

I have started to talk to Little Miss about what will happen when the baby arrives. I fear that she is expecting an instant play mate and won’t appreciate the attention that the baby will receive from me. I have been encouraging her independence even more than I normally do and trying to give her space to explore and discover on her own.

We talk about how when the baby is born it will just eat and sleep and poo – the life of a newborn! And then as it grows it will do more and more things and start to play with her. I talk to her about what mummy will be doing with the baby when it is little and how she can carry her own baby in her pram or her arms. She nods enthusiastically, excited about the idea of a baby. I’m sure we will have some adjustment issues, for all of us, but I also know that life will be busier and louder and happier.

I have been feeling baby move since the 11 week mark and can’t wait for those movements to grow bigger and stronger so that I can share them with hubby and Little Miss. With all the changes going on in your body through pregnancy, it is nice to enjoy the little privileges that you can keep to yourself, but this is one I am ready to share the love on.

My maternity wardrobe is now on high rotation. A combination of pieces from my first pregnancy with some new additions plus those extra roomy and comfy pieces from my regular wardrobe. I retired my regular jeans a few weeks ago when I could do them up but I had enough muffin top to fill a bakery so you can imagine that walking around in them was not comfortable in the slightest!

Poor hubby has been on the receiving end of my pregnancy hormones more than a few times in the past couple of months. There is something about that feeling of the exhaustion of pregnancy, coupled with the exhaustion of parenting a two-year-old that interacts terribly with the raging hormones of pregnancy. It all bubbles to the top with words escaping from your mouth and tears from your eyes before you have even had a chance to do a rationality check on your thoughts. Or perhaps it is just the rationality filter that disappears when you are pregnant?

And here we are at halfway, or hopefully a little less than halfway if this baby is anything like their big sister and arrives a week before we were expecting. I know what is to come. More hip pain and ligament pain, heartburn and other wonderful pregnancy symptoms. I know that as the kicks from baby get stronger, my energy will decrease leaving me feeling exhausted and emotional (sorry hubby!). But every day is one step closer to meeting our new baby. One step closer to watching Little Miss become a big sister and seeing our family complete.

Are you expecting at the moment? How far along are you? How are you feeling?

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