What started out of Chloe Watts’ frustration at not being able to find a baby book to suit her own style and taste, has grown in to one of the most popular baby books in Australia. The Blueberry Co Monochrome Baby Book is modern, stylish and fun and that is just the start of the journey for this Australian family run business.

The fascination with blue for boys and pink for girls is strong. Pastel balloons bounce around hospital wards while blue and pink teddy bears take up watchful pride of place at the end of bassinets. And when it comes to baby books, it is a similar sea of baby blue next to baby pink, sometimes with a “neutral” yellow or green thrown in for good measure.

The Monochrome Baby Book is a refreshing change for the contemporary parent. Illustrated by Chloe in between night feeds and day sleeps while on maternity leave with her eldest daughter, the book is a rejection of gender stereotypes and fluffy animals and instead embraces a simple yet beautiful notion of family and childhood memory keeping. One that parents have fallen in love with.

Chloe Watts and family

The Blueberry Co has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2015. In that time Chloe has welcomed her second daughter, relocated her family from the Southern Highlands of NSW to coastal New Zealand and now her husband also works full-time in the business. They now split their time between New Zealand and Australia, where the book is produced.

After the success of the Monochrome Baby Book, Chloe has since launched a Monochrome Toddler Book, Mum and Me Adventures, Adventures of Dad, My Grandparents & Me and for same-sex families, a Rainbow Family Edition of The Monochrome Baby Book. The latest addition to the collection is a Christmas Book for capturing family Christmas traditions and memories.

The consistent features of the The Blueberry Co books are the signature monochrome sketches, the adaptable design allowing ample space for photos, notes and recording the milestones and memories that matter to you. They are spiral bound, not bulky and printed on quality paper that will last the test of time.

As any mum who has run her own business will know, it is tough stuff. Raising a business while you are raising babies is not easy. Sleepless nights are paired with long days of hustling in your business, caring for the kids and not much time for anything else. Chloe’s hard work isn’t going unrecognised. This year she won the Best Life and Business Clarity award in the National Business Brilliance Awards, following the All-in-Flynn award win from Business School for Mums in 2017. She has also recently been nominated for a Telstra Women in Business award.

One thing is clear; The Blueberry Co is continuing to rise. With glowing reviews from many happy customers, a true knowledge of how modern parents want to approach memory keeping paired with Chloe’s family centric approach, The Monochrome Baby Book, and it’s companions, are going to grace many family bookshelves for many years to come.


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