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There is something so powerful about the magic of a good book. Being transported away with the characters to faraway lands, experiencing the raw emotions of moments in the lives of fictional people and the smell and feel of the pages between your fingers.

As a book lover, I have embraced modern forms of story telling and the injection of technology into books and reading. I love being able to take my kindle away with me on holidays and have thousands of books at my fingertips. I also love interactive books, particularly for kids and being able to share new stories and characters with Olivia.

I’m particularly excited about “Disney Junior’s The Book of Once Upon A Time” with the second season premiering tonight at 7:10pm on Disney Junior The Channel (Foxtel Channel 709). This is a locally produced series hosted by an Australian, actor and playwright Kate Mulvany. Kate is engaging as she flips through the pages of the interactive books including new Disney stories from “Winnie the Pooh”, “Aladdin”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Frozen”.

If you don’t have Foxtel in your home you can also watch episodes at any time online or download the stories as eBooks from the Disney Story Central app, available from the iTunes store. Or go to Grandma’s house like we do!

I’m sure that story time is part of your bedtime routine and in fact probably a big part of your day as a parent. Olivia is constantly bringing me books to read and I often find her sitting in a corner of her room “reading” to herself in her own little language telling the stories that we have told her so many times before.

And as I’m sure most parents do, we try and limit the amount of screen time our little girl gets each day. And for the little TV that she does watch I want it to be engaging and interactive to get her moving or thinking or igniting her imagination. Disney Junior The Channel has some great shows for magical storytelling and engaging kids’ social, emotional and language skills.

We watched the first episode of “The Book of Once Upon A Time”, “Snow White and the Great Jewel Hunt” together and she was transfixed. And when the story is over, I love the little lullaby to transition into bedtime. A few more books, our little bedtime song and then with a little bit of mummy magic a sleeping child.

You can watch it for yourself on the Disney Junior website.


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