I’m about to introduce you to a baby shower gift registry tool that is going to make a big difference to your baby prep…

But first, I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling daunted by the prospect of all the things you need to welcome a baby. I’ve been there done that… twice. And I’ve helped countless friends navigate their way through everything from cot sheet sizes to the best white noise machines. Not to mention the thousands of readers of this blog!

So while I can’t reduce the amount of stuff you need – for such tiny people they do come with a lot of things – I can help you get organised.

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How to get organised with a baby shower gift registry

Whether you are having a baby shower or not, there is an amazing baby shower registry on Amazon to help you get organised… the Amazon Baby Wishlist. Here’s how it works…

Amazon Baby Wishlist sign

1. Head to the Amazon Baby Wishlist page and hit “Get Started” to setup your own Baby Wishlist. Here you can include your due date, opt to make the list public or private, list your shipping address and a few other options to help make the gifting process easier. Registration is free.

2. Add your baby shower gift list. You can add items from the Baby Wishlist Checklist, explore ideas and inspiration or simple browse the Amazon online shelves and add items as you go. Amazon stocks hundreds of thousands of baby items from brands including Maxi-Cosi, Huggies, Pampers, Tommee Tippee, Skip Hop, Bonds, Aden & Anais, Baby Jogger, The Gro Company, Boori, Baby Bjorn, Sophie the Giraffe and more.

3. You can either your Amazon Baby Wishlist with friends and family as a baby gift registry or instead keep it private to use as an organisation tool for the items you will need.

4. 60 days before your due date (and at least 14 days after the creation of your wishlist) you will also receive a special discount for select items on your wishlist. This discount is 10% (or 15% for Amazon Prime members).

5. Using the Amazon Baby Wishlist also helps you to keep track of gifts received with an automatically generated “Thank You List”. Anything that helps in those early days on the newborn haze!

6. If you add 20 or more gifts to your Amazon Baby Wishlist and you or your guests make over $59 in purchases from your list, you will also receive a Welcome Box valued at over $200.

The Welcome Box includes over 30 baby essentials, such as Huggies Ultimate Newborn Nappies, Pampers Newborn Nappies, Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic bottle, Purebaby 100% Organic Cotton Newborn Hat, Tiny Love Chime Toy, Curash Aloe Vera & Chamomile wipes, Safety 1st Digital Thermometer and more.

Amazon Baby Wishlist Welcome Box

Baby shower gift registry etiquette

Baby showers are a modern concept… they are about celebrating the mother-to-be and wishing her well as she prepares for life with a new baby. And as with any celebration, most people do bring a gift.

Most of your guests will love that you have a baby gift registry. They want to be helpful so knowing what you need means they can do that. And they also know that you will use the gift they buy because you have asked for it.

But there are a few simple baby shower gift registry etiquette rules that you should follow:

1. When preparing your list, keep a range of budgets in mind. Nappies and wipes might not seem particularly exciting but you do need a lot of them – more than you think you will need – and they can be a great gift for someone with a lower budget. Bath toys, clothing and baby skincare are also excellent lower budget gifts.

2. While you may have put a lot of thought and effort into your baby gift registry, it isn’t compulsory for your guests to purchase from the list. A gentle prod with the right wording (see below) can help but if they still want to buy you something else, that is totally fine… in fact, you never know just how useful that item might become!

3. Always send thank you notes. If you can, send thank you notes for your baby shower before the baby arrives. It is one less thing you will have to worry about while caring for your newborn.

For gifts you receive after baby is born, people understand that you are sleep deprived and time poor so they won’t mind that it takes awhile to receive a thank you note. Even a generic card with photos of the baby and a thank you message that you send to everyone who gifted you something can do the job. The Amazon Baby Wishlist does make this easier with the “Thank You List” feature.

Baby Gifts

Baby shower registry wording

Whatever you use for your baby shower gift wording, keep it simple! You will find a few examples below. Feel free to use any of these, change them or blend them together to suit you!

Baby shower gift wording 1

Your presence is really present enough, but if you would like to purchase a gift for our precious bundle, we have a baby shower gift registry at <insert your registry link> which includes some of the essential items we know will be well loved and used by our new addition to the family!

Baby shower gift wording 2

We are so blessed to have you in our life to celebrate the arrival of our new baby. We have a baby shower gift list registered at <insert your registry link> if you would like to purchase a gift that will help us settle into our new life as a family of three!

Baby shower gift wording 3

There are so many things a new baby needs and we have registered a list of things we need most. If you choose to buy us a gift for our new arrival, your gift will be received which much love and thanks for having such special people like you in our lives. You can find our baby shower gift list at <insert your registry link>.

Baby shower gift wording 4

If you would like to purchase a gift for our baby, we have a baby gift registry which you can find at <insert your registry link> with the items that will get us off to the best start as a new family of three. Your love and support means so much to us as we enter this new stage of life.

Baby shower gift list poem 1

With our baby on the way
we just want to say,
Thank you for being here
and helping us with the baby gear.
All the toys, clothes and shoes
and things to wipe up all of the poos.
To make it simple for you we’ve created a list
of all the things we need, you get the gist.

You can find our baby gift registry at <insert your registry link here>. Thank you for being such a special person to our family!

Baby shower gift list poem 2

Bottles and nappies, bedding and toys,
our new baby is on the way – oh the joys!
Baby will be here soon and we need so many things:
onesies and cot sheets and even teething rings.
We know you might ask so we’ve done it already,
we’ve created a list to help us get ready.

You can find our baby shower gift list at <insert your registry link here>. Your love, support and kindness are so appreciated!

Baby shower gift list poem 3

Our baby is already surrounded by so much love
and into our family they will fit like a glove!
But to help us prepare we need so much stuff,
nappies and wipes and maybe earmuffs.
If you would like to help us prepare
we have created a list we are happy to share.

Our baby shower gift registry can be found at <insert your registry link here>. Thank you for helping us to welcome our precious bundle into our family.

Amazon Baby Wishlist

You can register for the Amazon Baby Wishlist here. It is free to register. Add more than 20 items to your list and complete purchases totally more than $59 to receive the Welcome Box valued at more than $200. Remember that 60 days before your due date (and at least 14 days after the creation of your wishlist) you will receive a 10% off voucher (15% for Amazon Prime members) for select items on your wishlist.

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