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Let me take you on a little time travel back to 1989. I was in Kindergarten. My parents were renovating our home. Mum had a Konica Minolta film camera that she would snap photos of my sister and I with.

On my first day of school she took 5 photos of me in my uniform standing at the school gate. The film was a 24 frame so she needed to take 19 more photos before she could take it to the photo store. She took a few photos of the renovation but ultimately it took her about a month to finish that roll of film.

When I got home from school one day the photo envelope was sitting on the table and it sat there for weeks to come as she showed anyone visitors our latest photos.

Our house had the best photos hanging on the walls and the study was full of photo albums that were organised by year. My sister and I would love to pull out the old albums and look at photos of our parents before they were our parents.

Fast forward to 2019. My eldest starts school this year. I will take approximately 500 photos of her first day. Standing on the front step at home in her uniform, with her little sister and then with my husband and I. I will photograph her again at the school gate and probably when I pick her up.

I’ll send a few of the best shots to my parents and maybe pop the best one on Facebook. Then at the end of the month I will upload all the photos to Dropbox along with the other 2000 photos I have taken that month. There they will sit until I need to pull one out for a school project or I feel like having a little reminisce about when my babies were so little.

Our walls display less than 0.001% of all the photos I have taken of our family and I don’t think my kids have ever opened a photo album, unless it was at Grandma’s house.

Somewhere in the transition from holding a printed photo in your hand to looking at all of our photos on a screen, we have lost the joy of captured moments. This year I am going to change that for my family. And it started with a canvas print of one of my favourite photos of my girls hanging in their bedroom. I’m ashamed to say that it’s the first photo of 2-year-old Josie that we have actually hung on a wall in our home…

The canvas print is from CanvasChamp and that the quality is amazing, particularly when you consider the price! With such a low price product (this 16” x 20” canvas was priced at just $29 when I ordered) you never know what you are going to get.

CanvasChamp canvas print review

The canvas itself is thick and stretched perfectly across a sturdy wooden frame. The corners are folded and stapled perfectly for a crisp finish on the front.

CanvasChamp canvas print top corner fold

CanvasChamp canvas print corner fold

CanvasChamp canvas print frame width

The frame comes with two hangers on the back for easy hanging. I did remove these (easily with a screw driver) and use double sided tape around each side instead because that’s how we prefer to hang things on our walls.

CanvasChamp canvas print hanging hook

The image quality is brilliant and matches the vibrancy and colours of the original image. I may have let out a little squeal when I opened the canvas from the packaging!

CanvasChamp canvas print closeup

CanvasChamp canvas print corner closeup

I think the most important thing when it comes to displaying pictures on your walls is the quality of the image. You want photos that are meaningful and, if you follow the philosophy of Marie Kondo, spark joy. This photo does that for me in every possible way.

It was taken more than 12 months ago so my girls have certainly grown since then but look at the connection between them. You can’t see their faces completely but you can see the love. I’ve hung it in their room to remind them that they will always have each other and in the hopes that the connection between them will only continue to grow stronger with each passing year.

CanvasChamp canvas print review

I’m making a commitment to getting more photos up on the walls. I want our house to feel like a home and to spark joy whenever I look around. I want our memories all around me and not trapped behind a screen, only to be glanced upon only occasionally.

If you are with me and want to bring your camera roll to life, you can take 10% off storewide including prints, photo calendars and more at CanvasChamp using the code MY10SAVE. You can also get a free 8” x 8” canvas print on your first order when you subscribe to the CanvasChamp newsletter.

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