The 28 day mummy mojo challenge ebook

Think back to the time before you had kids. What was your biggest concern? I’ll bet that it wasn’t “I wish I could just go to the toilet by myself”.

But as mums, finding time for ourselves is one of our biggest challenges. I know this because you tell me. Each week when I receive emails from my readers this is the number one concern they have. You miss the time to sit down and take a breather for a minute. You are always busy doing things for everyone else, the kids your partner, friends, that you don’t have any time for yourself.

But what if I could help you with that? What if you could spend just a few minutes each day on yourself and feel the benefits of it? What if “me time” could be simple and something you easily fit into your day? What if we took away the overwhelm of not being able to make time for yourself and gave you some easy tools to find that time in your day?

Buy the 28 day mummy mojo challengeThe 28 Day Mummy Mojo Challenge eBook is just that. 28 simple tasks and concepts to help you reignite your mojo in just a few minutes each day. Simple ways to uncover time in your day for yourself and to make sure that you are focussing on yourself so that you are nourishing the woman and not just the mum.

I’m ready to start the challenge for $14.95.

We are all in the same boat. After a long day I often feel over touched, over tired and just over it. The thought of even running a bath or putting on my gym gear to go for a walk is the last thing on my mind. I just don’t have the motivation to get up off the couch and do the things I love. The mojo just isn’t there.

And that’s why I created the mummy mojo challenge. If you don’t actually take the time out to focus on yourself, it won’t happen. But the time out doesn’t need to be hours, the challenges in this ebook are designed to take less than 30 minutes a day.

When you become a mum, looking after yourself is often the first thing to go out the window. You have a tiny person who needs you for every waking hour (and sometimes the sleeping ones too). And as they get older, they might become more independent and not rely on you quite as much, but the challenges can be just as exhausting.

I have designed the challenges in this eBook for mums who feel like they don’t get any time for themselves any more and they want to change that. For mums who feel like all they do is run around after the kids and have lost all the things they used to love doing. For mums who know they have lost their mojo and want to get it back.

The challenges are simple and can be done in 28 days or whenever you can find a few minutes in your day. No one is marking homework or checking if you are completing the challenges each day so read at your leisure and do what works for you.

This book is not a substitute for seeking professional support and advice if you are suffering from post natal depression or other mood disorders. It is a light-hearted yet practical way to rediscover your mojo.

What does the book cover?Buy the 28 day mummy mojo challenge

  • celebrating yourself as a mum
  • strategies for meal times, balance and succeeding at mum life
  • tips for organisation, relaxation, exercise and looking after yourself
  • personal style and body image
  • tools for seeking help and handling advice
  • small tasks and concepts designed to easily fit into your day

I’m ready to start the challenge for $14.95.


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