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Red cheeks, sore gums, dribbly drool – teething is about as glam as it gets! When baby is teething, having anything to bite into (that preferably isn’t mum’s nipple) is a must. Even better if what they are biting into is not only safe, but also looks good to boot. Jellystone Designs teethers tick all the boxes and that is why mums have fallen in love with this gorgeous Aussie brand.

Blamed on many a long night or an irritable tot, teething is never a pleasant experience. And when life must go on, products that help to ease the pain and discomfort of teething, while also keeping baby entertained are essential. The range from Jellystone Designs does just that. The products are non-toxic (BPA, Phthalate, PVC, cadmium and lead free), made from silicone in designs recommended by Occupational Therapists. Based on a commitment to enhance the way babies and children learn and process through sensory exploration, under the guidance of owner and Sydney mum, Claire Behrmann, Jellystone Designs has become a leader in the silicone jewellery and teether market.

Modern mums want ease just as much as they want style. They want products that can easily be washed, that are as functional as they are good looking and that are friendly on the wallet. And this is why Jellystone Designs has become such a fan favourite. The silicone products can be thrown in the dishwasher and are durable enough to stand up to almost anything an angry baby can throw at them. The silicone necklaces are an easy wear jewellery piece for mums and the prices on the entire range make them an affordable gift.

Whether you are a fan of brights or prefer pastels, you are sure to find something you love in the range. We can’t help but love…

Jellystone Designs Cloud Teether

Cloud Teether

Who wouldn’t love this gorgeous little teether that doubles as a rattle. Made from silicone, beech wood and a ball rattle it will certainly keep bubs entertained and happy!

Jellystone Designs Cuddle Soother

Cuddle Soother

The benefit of a teether attached to a super soft fabric, design for comfort and tactile play. The teether can be removed to make washing easier or to even attach your own dummy or teether.

Jellystone Designs Cuddle Bunny

Cuddle Bunny

OMG! This is the softest little breathable bamboo bunny destined to become lifelong besties with so many babies. The ears double as a tie for a dummy (genius) or even to attach a teether.

Jellystone Designs Moon Teether

Moon Teether

When you just want to keep it simple this is it. The rings are made from silicone and beech mood in a unique design that allows baby to safely explore and provide relief to sore gums.


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