I don’t know about weekday mornings in your house but in our house they are nothing special. Early morning feed, nappy change, clothes change, shower, hair, makeup, hubby rushing out the door for work, another nappy change, breakfast, pack bag, third nappy change and finally Olivia and I make it out the door. Sound familiar?

But the weekend is different. On the weekend nobody has to rush off to work, showers can wait until the afternoon, hair and makeup are optional and while nappy changes still have to happen they don’t seem so bad on the weekend. While I once enjoyed weekend mornings for luxurious sleep ins and breakfast jaunts with friends. Now it is the moments of closeness with my new little family that fill me with joy.

On the weekend, the early morning feed isn’t followed by rushing around the house like a headless chook, racing the clock to get out the door on time. Instead, the three of us, hubby, our beautiful girl and I enjoy a lazy morning lying around in bed. We sing to her, watch her smile, listen to her laugh and, if we are lucky, wait until she dozes off for a little nap. Lying next to her while she sleeps, watching her little chest rise and fall, I feel so close to my baby girl.

When she wakes, a smile creeps onto her face when she sees her dad and I watching over her. More smiles, laughs and moments to cherish. As her little hand touches my face, whether on purpose or by sheer luck, and she caresses/squeezes my cheek I feel so lucky to be the mum of this sweet little girl. This weekend we are spending some family time in Melbourne so you know where to find me tomorrow morning. In bed with my loves, likely listening to the rain and having the time of my life.

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