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You know that friend you have, there is one in every group, who is constantly falling/burning/cutting/scraping/bruising themselves? Well, that’s me. I am what you would call accident prone, clumsy, a klutz or all thumbs.

There was the time I was trying to fill my thermos flask before heading off to a picnic and instead poured boiling water all over my hands. Or when I had invited friends over for a dinner party and burnt my hand while attempting to pick up a hot fry pan which had just come out of the oven. I still have the scar from when I left my quilting ruler in the side of the couch and it gashed my leg as I was running to answer the phone. After seeing me clumsily run into walls, chairs and more, hubby has stopped asking how I got the bruises on my leg and instead just shakes his head and keeps his mouth shut!

But my all time favourite accident, the one that still sends shivers down my spine, happened two weeks before my Year 12 formal. I was walking down the wooden steps at what was then Gowings in Sydney and lost my balance. I was wearing a skirt and didn’t want to flash my undies (priorities people! I was only 17) and so I slid down those wooden steps on my knees. I don’t know which hurt more that day, my legs or my pride. Thankfully I was ok and long dresses for formals were in vogue!

I do try and be more careful these days. I still do have the odd “incident” but certainly nothing compared to my younger days. There are a few strategies I use to minimise my accidents. They aren’t foolproof but they have helped me somewhat.

  • If a pan or pot is hot while I am cooking I will leave a tea towel on top of the spoon or spatula to remind myself that it is hot
  • I keep my phone in my handbag while I am walking and stop to the side if I need to make a call/send a message. Distraction is my biggest problem
  • Hubby is now the “oven-taker-outer” for any hot dishes. I completely remove myself from the situation
  • I hold onto railings while walking down stairs (particularly big wooden ones in large department stores) and take the lift if I’m wearing heels
  • The food processor does a lot of my chopping for dinner prep so I avoid cutting myself. I am prone to cutting myself particularly with onions when my eyes are watering

But at the end of the day, if the worst happens and your accident magnet attracts a big one, Firths The Compensation Lawyers specialise in compensation claims and can give you a free case appraisal. Because they focus on compensation cases they know the industry and have an impressive track record.

Are you accident prone like I am? Do you have any strategies you use to avoid accidents? Have you ever fought a compensation claim?


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