“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.” ~ A.A. Milne

I love to craft and so am always collecting bits and bobs for making stuff. Unfortunately I am also terribly disorganised and so my office/craft room usually looks like someone attempted a science experiment using fabric and paper and blew up the lab. I’ve also recently developed a new obsession for making confetti and while it is super fun to make, it ain’t so super fun to clean up.

This week I finally stopped procrastinating and did a huge spring clean of our house. It was about 2 springs overdue but at least I finally got there! I always love cleaning up, especially my office, because I find so many fun things I had forgotten I even owned. And this week was no different. So far I have found:

  • all my photo paper – a few years ago I went crazy on buying photo paper and I thought I had run out but it was actually hiding in a box of filing. Yeeha!
  • my pinking shears – hidden in a box of paint. Who would have thought?
  • so many Christmas and birthday presents I had bought Olivia and other family members and forgotten about. Looks like I don’t have as much Christmas shopping to do as I had thought.
  • materials for a few craft projects I was planning to create tutorials for in the magazine. Instant inspiration!
  • 10 rolls of sticky tape, 5 reels of white thread, 3 billion pens and enough scrap paper to cover all the walls in my entire house

I’m not a big fan of cleaning but I do love having a clean house. It’s a tricky situation I find myself in. I also love surprises. So I think I will continue with my pattern of make chaos, clean chaos, discover fun and exciting things I own.

Do you clean everyday? What exciting discoveries have you made while spring cleaning?


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