Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder is an innovative product providing women a natural and easy-to-apply alternative to keep their locks looking luscious! Available in Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Black, Dark Brunette and Copper, each colour is infused with its own divine desert-inspired fragrance.

I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of Spilt Milk to review. WOW – from the perfect pink packaging to the amazing product inside I was super impressed. So why do I love it?

1. Unlike other dry shampoos it doesn’t leave your hair looking like you have walked into a talcum powder storm. The colour actually takes to you hair and leaves it feeling soft and voluminous.

2. The smell! I am a dark brunette so smell like Mocha Espresso on my Spilt Milk days. I have never been tempted to go blonde until I discovered that Spilt Milk Blonde smells of Vanilla Candy Cup Cake. Yum!

3. It is easy to use (see some of my do’s and dont’s below) and when they say a little goes along way on the bottle they really mean it. Just a small amount of powder is all you need making a bottle of Spilt Milk very good value. It also lasts for the whole day so you don’t need to worry about your hair during the day.

4. It is naturally preserved and completely free of dyes, alcohol and artificial colours. I love that I am not putting any more of those nasty things in my hair.

Now for some do’s and dont’s to help you. I am notoriously clumsy and don’t read instructions so if you are like me the below will help.

DO read the instructions – they tell you the best way to apply the powder.

DON’T tip the powder directly from the bottle onto your hair. Or if you do, be careful as otherwise you will end up with the powder all over you and all over the floor. I found the best way to apply was by using the brush provided.

DO apply the powder before doing your make-up or you may be like me and get in the car to find a large brown smudge on your forehead (see: I am notoriously clumsy above).

DON’T be intimidated by the applicator brush. I thought I would need hairdressing experience to use it but it was so easy and as I said above, the easiest way to apply the powder.

DO go out and buy yourself a bottle. The powder covers greys and regrowth for in between visits to the hairdresser. It also helps you extend the life of a style by removing excess oil. Retailing for $66, Spilt Milk is only available from selected hair salons. For stockists visit the Spilt Milk website.



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