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I was the mum who made all my own baby food when my daughter started weaning. I started with simple fruit and vegetable purees and gradually moved her to tasty dishes like apricot chicken and tuna pasta. If I cooked it at least I knew what was going in. But really, I made my life so much more difficult than it had to be. I didn’t need the added pressure in amongst looking after a baby, running a business and trying to keep my sanity somewhat intact. And when there are amazing alternatives in the market, I don’t know why I persisted for so long!

Despite my Little Miss weaning over two years ago now, I still occasionally buy her snacks from the baby food aisle. It helps when she goes through her various stages (like the current “white food diet”) to have something on hand that I know she will eat. Organix arrived in Australia in 2015 and is one of the brands on my shopping list, partly because Little Miss actually eats the products and also becuase of the Organix No Junk Promise. It’s their stamp of assurance that the products are made the best organic ingredients with nothing unnecessary, so your little one gets great tasting snacks minus the junk.

Organix recently sent us two of their tasty products to try out. The brand new Baby Biscuits and Fruit Pots. Here is what we thought…

Organix Baby Biscuits

I have a biscuit fiend in my house. At her first birthday we had a “bikkie bar” and I always have a biscuit supply on hand wherever we go. Little Miss loved the Organix Baby Biscuits and I have to agree. They were actually edible and tasty, unlike so many other baby biscuit products on the market. They are a really light biscuit with a nice crunch available in three flavours – Vanilla, Banana and Strawberry. For younger babies the ring shape makes them super easy to hold, i.e. less dropped biscuits and tears!

The biscuits are made from wheat and mixed with grape juice and strawberries, bananas or vanilla (dependent on the flavour), so all the flavour comes from the fruit. There is no added sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners and they of course come with the Organix No Junk Promise. These are available in Coles and Woolworths for $4.99 (for a packet of nine biscuits)Organix baby biscuits

Organix Fruit Pots

Fruit purees are such a staple of baby’s first ventures into the world of food. The Organix range of fruit pots include Mashed Apple & Mango as well as Apple & Raspberry pieces. For me, these are ideal for when you have moved on from your standard mashed banana to other flavours and also for keeping in your baby bag for baby to snack on while out and about. For older toddlers, they are also a healthier option and a really smooth texture if they don’t like to chew. Each pot actually contains one of a child’s five a day. Available in Woolworths, $5.70 for a pack of four fruit pots. Organix fruit pots

If you are just starting with weaning your little one or moving onto finger food, here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  1. Be prepared for mess. There will be food on the floor, smooshed into the table or high chair tray and all over baby. Invest in a splat mat to sit underneath the highchair and those big silicone bibs. At dinner time, feed baby in their nappy only and then have a bath straight after dinner. Saves washing extra clothes!
  2. Don’t get disheartened if they won’t eat something. Keep trying and eventually they might pick it up. I always say that what my daughter will eat is dependent on the position of the moon. One day it is her favourite food and the next she won’t touch it. Go figure!
  3. Lucy Thomas, Organix Children’s Food Expert suggests offering your baby small taste experiences throughout the day, to introduce them to new tastes. Try a lick of the lemon slice from your water, a sprinkle of cinnamon on their apple purée, a hint of curry powder in their parsnip mash.
  4. Lucy also suggests holding a mirror in front of them whilst they’re eating or holding a finger food, it’s a great activity when you’re introducing something new, watch how their expression changes. Babies are fascinated by their reflection, even though they can’t recognise themselves!
  5. Finally, on the subject of finger foods, Organix suggests that the introduction of finger foods encourages little ones to accept new foods, but finger foods have lots of other benefits too. They can help to develop a little one’s sense of independence, and boost their hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills.

With a little bit of luck you will get these kinds of reactions I got when my little one tried the Organix Baby Bicuits – that’s one happy girl!

eating organix baby food

Are you onto solids with your little one? How are you finding it?

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