How many times have your throw a wrap over your pram to keep the sun off baby or keep it dark while she sleeps? I know I’ve done it countless times without even thinking about it. But when you actually do stop to think about it, muslin wraps and the like are designed to keep baby warm so then if you are throwing a wrap over your pram to keep the light out, aren’t you also going to be keeping the heat in?

SnoozeShade is the alternative to using wraps or other blankets on your pram and I was lucky enough to be asked to write a SnoozeShade review. SnoozeShade fits onto any pram and works to block out light and 99% of UV rays, giving your baby a good sleep and protecting them at the same time. It is made from breathable mesh so air can freely circulate. SnoozeShade has also been endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation with their official Seal of Approval.

SnoozeShade review

I found SnoozeShade to be a really great option for us. It folds up to fit in the bottom of the pram while we are on the go and when Olivia falls asleep it is really easy to attach. The edge is elasticated and slides onto the pram to fit snugly. The velcro ties then secure SnoozeShade to your pram. I have used it while out and about for when Olivia falls asleep and also on some really sunny days to protect her beautiful skin.

There are a couple of really great features of SnoozeShade that I love. The first is the zippered ‘sneak-a-peek’ section at the top so you can easily check on baby while they are asleep. There is no need to be bending your body to get down low and look under a wrap or pram shade. The second is the front panel of the SnoozeShade folds down so that you can still see bub through only one layer of the mesh but that sun protection is still there. I used this when Olivia was awake but I just wanted more protection for her.

SnoozeShade review

Because of the number of velcro ties you can use SnoozeShade in a number of different ways. Attach it to the sides of the pram to just protect your little ones legs or use it to extend the sun canopy of your pram by attaching it to the handlebar of your pram. The SnoozeShade range costs from $39.95 and can be found in leading Australian retailers including Baby Winks, Baby Kingdom and Babyography.


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