We cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise daily but do we ever consider the ingredients contained in the products we use on our skin? If you think about the food you are putting into your mouth then why wouldn’t you think about the creams you are rubbing onto your body?

Tristan Fahey, founder of Rubifresh Skincare, is an expert in natural skincare and knows that women want to have beautiful, fresh looking skin but also want to avoid the nasties that can cause skin irritation and increased ageing. After a long hard look in the mirror one day Tristan was inspired to look for ways to make the most of what nature had given her, and not submit to the pressure to choose cosmetic surgery.

As she researched, Tristan found that 75 percent of women were concerned about the signs of ageing but 60 percent of them did not use any kind of anti-ageing product as they were confused about the ingredients contained in many of the lotions and potions on the market.

Fast-forward to today and Rubifresh has launched to the market as a brand with a focus on natural ingredients with none of the nasties so consumers no longer need to compromise on their quest for youthful skin. Tristan says “Rubifresh skincare sits within a broader philosophy of refocusing our idea of beauty – from plastic perfection, to healthy glowing skin that reflects an inner beauty we can be proud of”.

The products in the Rubifresh range are produced on a “made to order” basis so are guaranteed to be at the height of their quality when you receive them. The ingredients that go into the products such as mint, raspberry seed, goats milk and aloe vera have been well researched for their anti-ageing or other skin benefits so you are getting amazing products that do what they say they will and won’t harm your skin or your planet.

Thanks to Rubifresh one reader will win a Trial Pack of the range valued at $160. Visit our Win page for more information. Tristan also writes a blog to share all her knowledge on natural skincare so be sure to stop by.


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