If you haven’t had a challenging day as a parent then you need to email me your secret immediately. Parenting is the most amazing experience in the world, but challenges are just par for the course. Tears, tantrums and toys thrown across the room. Losing it for no reason one minute and then being totally fine the next.

But to help you with those days I’ve got six mantras for the modern mama. Pick and choose which works for you and keep them handy for the times when you need a little boost or something to get you through.

I am mama hear me ROAR Mantras for mums

I am mama hear me ROAR

Use it: When you have had a big mummy win, like avoiding a tantrum in the toy section at Target, and you want to shout it from the rooftops. Go mama, go!

Just breathe mantra

Just breathe

Use it: When you are in the midst of a moment with your child and you need to step away before you seriously lose your cool. Just breathe and you will get through it.

Mummy mantra: My child is loved, safe and healthy

My child is loved, safe and healthy

Use it: When you need a reminder that even though your child may be screaming, crying, kicking and biting, that they are loved, safe and healthy and that is all that matters. Most often used when attempting to restrain a child who doesn’t want to be restrained in a car seat.

I am the best mum my kids have

I am the best mum my kids have

Use it: When you are feeling a bit down. Maybe one of your kids told you they hate you or you forgot to pick them up from daycare. You aren’t a bad mum, you are the best mum your kids have and you are amazing.

Mantra for parents: This too shall pass

This too shall pass

Use it: When you are going through one of those horrible phases like not wanting to go to sleep or throwing food over the side of the high chair rather than eating it. Every phase eventually comes to an end, this too shall pass.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Use it: When you are having one of those days and just need a wine to unwind. Not that I am advocating the drinking of alcohol in front of, or while you are caring for kids. But let’s pretend it’s lunchtime, the kids are asleep and you are going to have a sneaky wine with your cheese toastie. No judgement here!

Do you have any parenting mantras you use to help you get through those days?


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