Over the past few years, Halloween has been gaining popularity in Australia. Personally, I think it is a fun opportunity for the kids to get dressed up and have some fun! It is also a really great opportunity to talk to your kids about safety and stranger danger. Explaining why you only go to houses of people you know or staying close to mum and dad while walking around.

If you are into Halloween and want to decorate your house you can do so with the below simple Halloween decoration ideas…


Create a balloon pit with lots of orange and black balloons. You could even give a balloon to any kids that come trick or treating to your house. Most kids would be stoked with a balloon, particularly little ones.


If you don’t want to go to too much effort but you still want the house to look fun from the outside, hang streamers from the top of your front door frame. A little blu-tack or sticky tape should hold them in place and they will be easy to clear away at the end of the day.


Find a pumpkin carving stencil online and have a crack at carving a pumpkin. Use the inside of the pumpkin to make some pumpkin soup and it is a win/win. When I was a kid, a Canadian family friend carved a pumpkin for my sister and I and we thought it was the best thing EVER!


Well in this case, dead flowers. If you are going for a scary haunted house look, buy some flowers a week before Halloween and leave them hanging around in vases. If you aren’t quite as organised to kill some flowers, then just a collection of sticks in a vase would have a similar effect.

Spooky lamps

If your kids are old enough to cut out shapes, get them to cut out some bats/ghosts/pumpkins from cardboard and stick them to the inside of a lamp shade. When the lamp has lit up it will show the spooky shapes. This would work best with a light, sheer lampshade/light.


For a truly authentic Halloween look just give the cleaning a miss for the next couple of weeks. The family might complain but it’s all in the name of fun isn’t it?

If you aren’t the DIY decorating type but still want to get into decorating your house for Halloween, here are some decorations from Etsy that you might like. Keep in mind delivery time if you are in Australia.

halloween decoration ideas

1. Halloween mason jars by LimeAndC0  2. Halloween pompom garland by AzaleaCottageCrafts  3. Pumpkin honeycomb decoration by DecoHoneycombs  4. Printable halloween poster by AmeliyCom  5. Halloween monster hand decoration by littlebubble  6. Halloween bunting banner by papirvendage  7. Beware of the zombies cushion by wfrancisdesign  8. Soy skull candle by ElixirOfLightCandles  9. Trick or treat cushion cover by slushieprints

** I love Etsy, yes I do! And that is why I joined their affiliate program. The links in this post are affiliate links but you can be assured that I spent over an hour researching the best of the best and would never recommend anything that I wouldn’t buy for myself or my family. You might like to read this post I wrote in 2012 about why I love buying handmade.

Do you participate in Halloween? How do you decorate?

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