The life of an Alpha Generation toddler is full of fun and activity. Seemingly innocent, they live their days in far away lands created by their own imaginations. They can happily read the same book and watch the same DVD multiple times a day without any complaint. Their sense of style is unrivalled and their personalities full of flair. But what of the toddler diet? Complex, mysterious and often not even understood by toddlers themselves who yo-yo from diet to diet. These are the seven Alpha Generation toddler diet trends you need to know!

The white food diet

Think of this diet as the toddler version of carb loading for all their play and adventures. Rice, bread, potato (in hot chip form only) and pasta are strict staples for this diet. Colours such as brown are introduced with items such as choc-chip biscuits or yellow for cheese. Crackers are the preferred snack and cereals featuring cute characters on the packaging are essential for breakfast. Or dinner. Or anytime really.

The sampler diet

Variety is the spice of life and samplers believe this extends to their dinner plate. Don’t try messing with any other aspect of their routine though! Samplers will refuse to eat any meal two days in a row, or maybe even twice ever if you have a hardcore sampler on your hands. Keep things interesting for them why don’t you?

The keep ’em guessing diet

Guessers also adopt an element of the “variety is the spice of life” philosophy but unlike samplers they will happily eat the same food everyday for a week or more. And then, all of a sudden, that food they previously loved so dearly is now dead to them. Dare put it on their plate and you will see that food hit the ground faster than you can say “but you loved it yesterday”.

The daycare betrayer diet

When you pick your betrayer up from daycare you will likely hear things like, “Johnny ate three serves of lunch today. He is such a good eater.” Surely they must have the wrong child? Your Johnny would never eat Moroccan lamb with couscous if you made it at home. But for betrayers, they could be served up poo on a plate at daycare, only to ask if they can have that delicious lunch again tomorrow. Take solace in the fact that at least they are eating well on those daycare days, rather than dwelling on the meals that you have to face alone with them at home. Strength mama!

The mummy’s plate looks better than mine diet

Followers of this diet know that mummy always saves the best bits of dinner for herself. She’s just selfish like that. But they won’t stand for it, oh no they won’t. They will not eat dinner until they are eating off mummy’s plate despite your protests that “we are eating exactly the same thing!” Your cries will fall on deaf ears intent only on ensuring you eat their cut up mush while you cut up your own dinner to pass over to them. Although, keep the vegetables to yourself thanks.

The Frozen/Belle/Superman/<insert other character here>  diet

Elsa only eats blue things and ice cream apparently. It’s how she gets her powers you see. And as your toddler is at one with Elsa as they channel her throughout the day, they will only follow the strict diet that she revealed to them in detail in their sleep. There is no point arguing, Elsa has spoken. Just let it go.

The five second rule tester diet

This is the most scientific of the diet trends whereby toddlers will push the contents of their plate onto the floor to test the accuracy of the five second rule. Will mum let them eat food that has been there for longer than five seconds? Are there any implications to their health for doing so? How many nights can they test this before mum absolutely loses her mind. These testers are thinkers, always coming up with new hypotheses to test. Clever little things aren’t they!

What diet does your toddler follow? Have I missed any key trends?

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