I’m finally over the nausea of the first trimester and can enjoy the kicks and movements of my baby. I can still walk without a waddle and sleep is somewhat achievable. I’ve made it through the second trimester and I am a glowing pregnant goddess harnessing all my energy towards nurturing new life. Oh wait, that was my first pregnancy. This time around is a whole other story…

Is that donut or a baby?

So for all the people who have told me that I don’t look pregnant, what do I look like then? Like I have just won the world donut eating championships? Yeah thanks. I will admit that I have eaten my fair share of donuts over the last 28 weeks but there is definitely a baby growing in there causing all the expansion in my waist line. I currently feel like I am about 45 weeks pregnant and dread to think just how big I can get over the next 12 weeks.

All the aches and pains

There I was thinking that my second pregnancy would be a breeze and then BOOM it feels like someone has taken to my groin with a baseball bat. And then there’s the fact that I can’t actually carry my toddler for more than a few steps or pay for it the next day with the hip pain of a grandma waiting on a hip replacement. And forget high heels. I just stare at my cupboard with longing, hoping that we will be reunited again one day. Everything is “pre-stretched” and I don’t like it!

The patience of a two year old

We went out for our regular Saturday breakfast a few weeks ago and Little Miss told us she wanted bacon & eggs. So that’s what we ordered for her. What were we thinking?! When my pancakes arrived she decided that my pancakes looked far tastier. Hubby thought it was a fair swap for me to eat her bacon & eggs and for her to eat my pancakes. Wrong!! Never mess with a pregnant woman and her food. So poor hubby is faced with a toddler wiping her tears away with MY pancakes and a wife who is about to cry into her tiny serve of bacon & eggs.

Emotional breakdowns have been plentiful and my patience has all but disappeared. Which is fun when you have a two year old to look after. It’s like we are connecting on the same emotional level. My poor husband.

Prepared and organised

Hubby is very keen to get the house ready for baby’s arrival, i.e. finding somewhere for them to sleep. But I’m a bit more relaxed about it all. We set up the cot in the nursery a few weeks ago and since then it has been used as a storage bin for anything I want to keep away from Little Miss’ reach. I thought it was quite genius really! Much different to the nursery we had set up for Little Miss 6 months in advance! I’m starting to stockpile nappies and wipes when I see them on sale and will soon need to drag all the bags of baby clothes out of the cupboard. I’ll set up the bassinet in our room before long and start thinking about my breastfeeding wardrobe. All the practical things!

Getting to know baby

By far, the best part of the second trimester has been getting to know my baby better. I have an anterior placenta for this pregnancy so ultrasounds never provide much of a look at baby’s face. But the movements are strong. The tickles and stretches I can feel make me think that this will be quite the cheeky one, just like their big sister. I’m imagining more and more each day what it will be like to have two kids in the house. Joyful chaos, I hope.

As I’m writing this, the mid-afternoon slump has already hit and I know I am well on my way to third trimester exhaustion. Might be time to squeeze in a nap before daycare pick up, but first I’ll need to make my fifteenth trip to the toilet for today.

How did you find your second trimester? Different for all your pregnancies?

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