My weight is something that I have struggled with for my entire life. I have yo-yo’d up and down as I bounce between big life events and big commitments to change. No bigger life event than having my two gorgeous girls. My pre-work morning workouts at the gym were now a thing of the past and I have been unable to find the “thing” that makes a difference.

I know that I am not alone in this feeling. I see countless posts in Facebook groups from mums who are unhappy with their body and want to lose weight. My friends tell me the same things.

For me, it isn’t about weight. I don’t actually weigh myself at all. It is about how I feel and knowing that I am looking after my body in the best way I can, role modelling a healthy mindset for my daughters.

Enter Sam Wood

Since my second daughter was born in 2016, I knew that I wasn’t doing enough to look after myself. Partly because I was still learning to breathe again after the shock of having my second baby wore off. Here I was balancing a business, two kids and there wasn’t a lot of time left for anything else.

So when an invitation to attend brunch and a workout with Sam Wood, I was equal parts terrified and excited. Ok, maybe slightly more terrified. But what that day marked was a huge change in my mindset.

Sam invited me to do his 28 by Sam Wood program. 28 minutes a day, workouts that you can do at home with recipes to support a healthy lifestyle.

As a busy mum, I have to say that this is something that this program is actually achievable around your kids. My girls sometimes join me for the workouts. They use their Barbies instead of dumbbells and have way more water breaks than any person needs but they love it. Sometimes I have them climbing all over me and begging to be held but I just work them in around it.

And one surprising thing is that they help to keep me accountable. If I don’t do my workout, Olivia will call me on it. She loves doing the workouts together!

Fitting fitness into your day

Sam, being the awesome guy he is, offered to meet me in the park with the girls one day and talk fitness for busy mums. We also did a little workout together of some simple exercises you can do with the kids whether you are in the living room or having a play at the park.

I’m all about keeping it real, so the interview, which you can watch in full below, is full of interruptions and moments with my kids. But I think it shows the kind of guy Sam is. He wasn’t phased in the slightest and ended up playing tip in the park with my girls for quite awhile after the interview before he had to run off to the airport, with my girls begging him to stay!

So here is a little summary of Sam’s advice:

  • get the kids as involved as you can so they have positive associations around mum/dad’s workout time. e.g. counting reps out together, get them their own exercise mats, celebrate achievements
  • use the kids as resistance for exercises (where the resistance doesn’t change your posture and you can keep the resistance close to your body). e.g. lunges and squats
  • use the pockets of time that you have – something is always better than nothing. It is about getting your body moving consistently. Moving your body 15-30 minutes, 4-6 times a week will get results
  • the kids don’t have to be doing what you are doing – get them to run on the spot for 30 seconds while you do a plank or do 10 star jumps while they count them out
  • get them involved in the kitchen with food – the more they understand real ingredients and having fun prepping the food together, that is only a good thing
  • don’t underestimate the power of creating a positive association with movement and food – healthy kids become healthy adults

So pardon the interruptions and the distractions. It does appear like I’m not paying attention at times as I’ve got my eyes on the kids but that’s “mumtitasking” at it’s best isn’t it? Please also take note where Sam says that my daughter is “the cutest runner ever” – I’ll take that one!

If you do decide to do the 28 program, please do let me know so I can help cheer you on. Along with the program you also get access to an amazing Facebook community of fellow 28ers.

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Sam Wood on health and fitness for busy mums