I am a very focused person. I set myself goals with the intention of achieving them. Despite the occasional reset along the way when life gets in the way I do always achieve what I set out to. However, there is a strange phenomenon that affects me all but once a year. That fateful first day of every year when my goal setting ability is impeded by the excitement of the 12 months of newness ahead of me. The dreaded New Year’s resolution.

This year, thanks to a push from My Special K, I have taken a different approach. One based on positive thinking and what I want to gain in my life rather than what I want to lose from it. My Special K is encouraging Australian women to declare their gain, whether it be happiness, more time with the kids or better skills in the kitchen. For me 2013 is about gaining clarity so I can see through what is going on in my life to what it is that I really want.

Not only will the My Special K Declare your Gain campaign empower women to think positively about the year ahead but it will actually help disadvantaged women in need. For every gain declared in the month of January, My Special K will donate $1 to Dress for Success ANZ. They have committed to donate up to $50,000! Think of not only how much good that money can do but also that 50,000 women across Australia will be on the path to positive achievement this year.

The clients of Dress for Success are women of disadvantage who are provided with clothing (includingshoes, handbags, jewellery) for employment and other important events in their lives. I am personally involved in this charity and Dress for Success Sydney founder Megan Etheridge says it perfectly. “We meet women everyday who feel that they don’t have the confidence to achieve what they want. Once we’ve boosted their self-esteem with a new suit or outfit and introduced them to a network of friends and women who understand them, we begin to show them that the world is their oyster and they begin to experience all these amazing opportunities they’d never imagined before.”

Kate Harris, My Special K spokesperson, said the team wanted to spread the power of positivity to even more women around Australia. “We believe that when we set positive goals for the New Year, the more happiness and confidence we get when we achieve them. By teaming up with Dress for Success, as a united front, we’re giving women the ability to really make a difference, not just in their own lives, but in others’ lives too.”, said Harris.

With just over two weeks remaining to declare your gain to make a difference you best move quickly. You can declare your gain by registering at myspecialk.com.au or for the tweeters among you by using @Kelloggs_AU #myspecialk #declareyourgain #dressforsuccess.


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