NSW has been battered this week by what they are calling the storm of the century. I hope you and your families have stayed safe and my thoughts go out to anyone who has been affected by the storms. The pictures of the floods are really horrifying. Please stay safe!

The rain has meant that many of you have likely been stuck indoors with kids. It’s really tough, especially with little kids. Here is a little poem for mum to help you get through those rainy days!

Oh rainy day,
Why have you come?
Why today?
Why not on a daycare day?
My younger self loved rainy days,
“I’ll stay in bed and read today”, I would say. Fool.
Time crawls along like a snail,
The clock ticks loudly for emphasis. Jerk.
Cabin fever.
Favourite toys are brushed aside,
Food is flung far and wide.
Tears flood like the roads and streets around us,
Screams echo like the thunder in the skies.
The sweet relief of the daytime nap.
The rain stops,
The clouds part,
The sun breaks through.
We’re going to the park tomorrow.

How do you deal with young kids on rainy days?


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