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Another toy has hit the market, but before you moan and move on, this is an Aussie designed toy that is more than just another collectible piece of plastic taking up space in an already cluttered market. The QPeas have landed with a purpose to positively impact the lives of the children they meet and they’ve got way more than the cute required to achieve it.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the behaviour of a 4-year-old after watching a series of YouTube toy unboxing videos will know that instant gratification is the name of the game with the preschool set. More than that, instant gratification has become a modality of play.

It was this disturbing change in how young kids are viewing play and toys that drove Andrew Bedford to invest his 24 years of toy industry experience towards creating a new toy in the market. Something that had wholesome and traditional values, presented in a modern style to encourage ongoing positive play outcomes.

QPeas collectible toys

The result is the QPeas, an adorable collection of characters, each individual in their own right, designed to inspire fun, creativity and imagination in the little people whose loving hands they land in. And as Andrew is finding, the toys have a universal appeal between parents and kids alike, leading to a whole new world of joint play experiences for families.

Original designs were created by Andrew’s wife Deanna. The QPeas take part of their inspiration from an American artist, Rosie O’Neill, who more than 120 years ago created the original Kewpie Doll. Cards with sketches of Rosie’s original Kewpies were shared amongst friends and represented love and joy. While the art of letter writing may now be dead, the modern day QPeas pay tribute to their predecessors purpose of spreading happiness.

Each QPea comes with their own unique Love, Like and Need that are easily relatable for kids. While it would be taboo for a parent to admit a favourite child, Andrew happily reveals Sukie Snow Leopard with her love of trampolines, like of arts & craft, and need of a bedtime story, as his favourite.

QPeas toys for kids

The development of the QPeas character personalities was aided by a school teacher, Andrew’s daughter, Jade. Each Love, Like and Need is based around real emotional cues and challenges that kids experience making them more than just a play toy, but often a tool for connection, as well as creating storylines and reinforcing the positive messages behind the characters.

Feedback about the QPeas has been almost universally the same. Parents and carers love them because they spark that sense of nostalgia of how we played as kids. Kids love them because they are special, inclusive and modern, and they are taking the toy world by storm, already available in major toy retailers around the country with global expansion beginning this year and further plans for 2019.

But for Andrew, success isn’t measured in sales figures and outcomes. “If one kid has had their adventure with a QPea that day, my job is done. I don’t need to drive the flashiest car to be successful, this whole venture is about the journey of why I am doing it rather than the destination,” he shared. And despite cynicism being the flavour of the day, his passion and purpose shines through as clearly as the smiles on the QPeas he has created.

QPeas Fast Facts

  • The first range in the QPeas collection is the Animal Adventures series with 24 different characters to collect. The Sweet Peas collection will follow in 2019.
  • Some of the characters go through up to 16 processes to make them as super cute and as adorable as possible.
  • For all those collectors out there, be on the look out for Sukie Snow Leopard featuring the face of Kaine Koala after a printing error gave her a little makeover!
  • QPeas are available to purchase from Kidstuff, Mr Toys Toyworld, Toymate and independent toy stores.
  • QPeas little dolls are available in single, double and triple packs starting at an RRP of $8.99 and are suitable for children age 3+.

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