I’ve got a case of royal baby fever at the moment. I mean, those glorious chubby cheeks sleeping soundly in her mothers arms. Bliss! Newborns are so delightful. There’s the spew and the poo and the screaming but there is also the smiles and gurgles and cuddles. With any luck Princess Charlotte is sleeping well and settling beautifully into the world.

The world will be watching with a keen eye to see how the new Princess is dressed. Her mother is a style icon and her older brother has won many hearts with his adorable outfits. No doubt she will follow in their footsteps with her own fabulous wardrobe. If I was take a guess at what her style will be, here are the baby girl clothes I think are fit for a Princess.

Baby girl clothes

1. Baby Harper shoe, $39.95, Clarks  2. Collared polka dot shirt, $49.95, Cou Cou Baby Boutique  3. Holland growsuit, $39.95, Purebaby  4. Olive woven romper with bow, $49.95, Buckets & Spades  5. Bow intarsia sweater, $44.95, Plum  6.  Cord bodysuit, $44.95, Country Road  7. Blaze dress, $69.95, Peggy  8. Dusty pink heart pants, $22.95, Sapling Child  9.  Newborn spot legging with feet, $19.95, Seed Heritage  10. Pink Dida baby shoes, $70, Little Frenchy

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