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I recently had a visit from a friend who had a newborn baby. While she was feeding the baby, I was reminded of all those little moments that made breastfeeding such a special experience for me. That funny noise they make through their nose while trying to simultaneously breathe and drink. The way their little hands reach up to hold onto the breast. When they fall asleep in your arms, milk drunk from a good feed. It’s lucky that I’m already pregnant or I would have been jumping straight onto the baby making train!

So as my body starts preparing me for breastfeeding baby number 2, I’m reflecting on all the things I learnt while feeding my Little Miss. This time I am more aware of the changes in my body and why they are happening. I am hopeful that my experience will be just as positive as the first time but also aware that each baby is different and we may have some bumps in the road.

I am ready to trust my instinct around feeding, something that it took me awhile to learn last time. Instinct is such a powerful thing, and while we don’t all experience it to the same level, especially when dealing with a newborn baby, if you have something in your gut sending you a message then listen to it!

I also know that I have my support network ready to back me. My own mum and grandma, who gave me invaluable advice and guidance with my Little Miss. My friends, online and offline and a world of knowledge out there in the World Wide Web, accessible at the click of a mouse.

After trial and error with my first baby, I have now downloaded the MyMedela App to help me track my breastfeeding and baby’s growth in the early days. Scrolling through the app I have been reminded of exactly what is involved with breastfeeding and newborn care. Having an app to keep track of feeds and the like is so useful, especially when you are woken in the middle of the night, drowsy and tired, unable to remember which side you need to feed from next.

I’m looking forward to those moments of just baby and I, in the calm and quiet of the middle of the night. Escaping to the parents room at the local shops so I can just be with my baby and away from the hustle and bustle of it all. In recent research by Medela on attitudes towards experience with breastfeeding, less than 4 per cent of mums said they breastfeed because of the bonding experience, but for me this was key.

It was the health benefits for mum and baby that predominantly drive women to breastfeed (90 per cent) and I’m also focussed on this as I prepare for my new arrival. Human milk is such an amazing thing and to be able to provide that for my baby is such a blessing.

This time around, I know what is coming. The sore nipples adjusting to their new 24/7 milk bar status and the round-the-clock feeding. My baby’s personality starting to appear as they clamp down with their little gums to grab my attention. Holding them so close to me that I can soak in that newborn smell and be reminded how I lucky I am to be a mum. I know that 9 in 10 mums report experiencing breastfeeding challenges and I’m ready to face whatever may come with an open mind and a positive attitude.

The MyMedela app is available free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Visit the Medela website to find out more abut the research and how they support breastfeeding mothers. I love this clip short video they have created to show that breastfeeding certainly isn’t the same for everyone.

Did you face any challenges when breastfeeding? Was it either with your first or subsequent babies?

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