You know when you are planning a party so you decide to do a quick Pinterest search, next minute the glitter is seared into your eyeballs and you are more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Smarties? In what can easily be a sea of overwhelming confusion, Sara Keli shares her tips for Pinterest party planning minus the fuss.

Organise your boards

Pinterest offers a new feature for boards, which is the ability to add sections to your boards. When you are creating a board for a party, you can have an overall party board and then sections for things like food, activities/games, decorations etc. As you add a pin to the board, pin it to the right section and it will make sorting through the pins a whole lot simpler and potentially save you from switching back and forth between different boards.

Switch up your search

If you are planning a themed party, rather than searching for individual pins, try searching for boards with that particular theme. You might find someone who has very similar taste or skill level to you so they’ve already done the work and you can simply save the pins you want to your board. Easy!

Keep it secret

More than just keeping your theme and plans quiet, having a secret board means that you won’t have any well meaning friends or family sending you random pins or ideas when they spot the new party board you have created. With a secret board you can still invite others to join, such as your partner or a friend, but maintain the mystery for everyone else, which is particularly helpful if you are planning a spectacular surprise party!

Know your limits

I’m sure you are familiar with the old Pinterest fail and perhaps you’ve even been victim to one yourself. The trap of the fail lies in the beauty of Pinterest and how very talented people can make something quite tricky look effortless. Repeat after me, “Just because she can do it, doesn’t mean I can.” That’s not to say that you can’t but you know your limits.

If you aren’t good at decorating cakes with fondant then don’t attempt to recreate a cake you saw on Pinterest that requires three tiers and elaborate fondant decorations. Ok? Give yourself plenty of time if you are trying something new and go into any Pinterest attempt with a good understanding of your strengths and limitations or you may very well become the next Pinterest fail meme.

Delete pins as you go

Avoid the boards getting too cluttered with ideas or you won’t know where to start. Review your boards as you go and if you decide that you won’t be using an idea, delete it from the board. Remember that it’s just one party and you can’t do everything so be realistic about what can be achieved for this particular party. If you love an idea but can’t fit it in, perhaps start another board for future party inspo and that can be your first place to check when the next birthday rolls around.

Ease off the pressure

Once upon a time you would choose a cake from the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book, Mum would throw up a few streamers, balloons if you were lucky, plonk a couple of plates of fairy bread and sausage rolls on a table and hey presto you had a party. I love a beautiful table setup but don’t aim for Pinterest perfection if it means you forget about the fun. If Pinterest triggers you into a mindset of perfection over all else, then just don’t go there. Simple can be just as beautiful as elaborate, as long as there is love and meaning that’s all that matters.

About Sara

Sara is the Editor of Kid Magazine. When she isn’t writing, designing or creating, you can find her enjoying the sunshine on her back deck with her two daughters or escaping into a good book.

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