Babies are such delightful beings. Everytime you see a baby photo pop up on facebook or instagram you just want to reach through the screen and give them a big squeeze, or is that just me? It is so nice to look back on your baby’s first year (and beyond) and have some beautiful photographic memories to reflect on. So you don’t forget any big moments, I have compiled the guide below with some key milestones and photos you might like to capture throughout the first 12 months of your baby’s life.

But at the end of the day, my most important tip for capturing memories is to be present. Take a few photos and then put the phone or camera down and enjoy creating special memories with your special creation. So have a read below, snap away and then enjoy every second with your precious little person.

The first month

The beautiful thing about newborns is that they are just so snuggly and sleepy, well most of the time anyway. I’m talking about those first two or three weeks when baby is still waking up to their new world. I remember hours spent sitting on the couch with a sleeping baby, not daring to move in case I should wake her up. I would stare at her endlessly taking in her tiny fingers and toes, her perfect skin and breathing in that divine newborn scent.

  • close ups of those perfect tiny features (hands, feet, mouth, eyelashes, nose etc.)
  • you might think that you look like tired and blergh but having photos of baby sleeping in your arms will be something to treasure forever. Take selfies or get your partner to help out
  • book in a professional newborn session as this is best done while baby is still sleepy and flexible. Make sure you book this in while you are still pregnant as most photographers book out well in advance
  • it is a nice idea to have a photograph of each visitor who comes to see your new baby. Leave your partner in charge of this as mum is likely to forget!

newborn baby photos

2-4 months

Your baby has now woken up to the world around them and is likely keeping you up all hours of the night. But you can forgive that because of the beautiful interaction you are having with them during those awake times in the day. From first smiles and little noises, to tummy time and maybe even starting to roll, this is a period of discovery and many many firsts for babies.

  • you will spend a lot of time doing tummy time so get down on the ground facing your baby for some really gorgeous shots of them looking straight at the camera
  • you might not capture the first time they smile but there will be plenty more to come. When baby is happy, lay them down on a rug and do whatever it is you do to make them smile. Have the camera ready and snap away
  • while baby is still dependent on you (and can’t get away) take lots of photos of those lovely snuggly moments with mum and dad. When they get older you might find it harder to get them to stay still for a photo!

How to take awesome DIY baby photos

5-9 months

This is an exciting time for baby with the first taste of solid food, sitting up unsupported and maybe even learning to crawl.

  • the first taste of food can bring on some hilarious facial expressions so make sure you have your camera ready when you introduce a new food to baby. This is easier with two people if you have a spare set of hands so one can feed and the other photograph. As baby gets older and is self-feeding, as long as you are happy to clean up the mess, you will get some great 21st birthday material!
  • now that baby is sitting unsupported you will be able to take some gorgeous photos of them playing with their toys and sitting up while looking at the camera. If they aren’t yet crawling (or shuffling) around this is one of the easiest times to photograph them as you can usually capture their attention easily and they can’t move anywhere.

How to take aewsome DIY baby photos

10-12 months

You made it through the first year and will have lots to photograph now. First birthday parties, first steps if your little one is an early walker and adorable gestures and “party tricks” that your little one is learning.

  • if you are having a first birthday party, assign someone to take photos so that you don’t have to. It’s a good idea to take a few photos of the birthday boy or girl before the party so they are clean and (hopefully) happy.
  • a cake smash is a popular trend for first birthdays and you can either do this at home yourself or if you don’t want to deal with the mess, hire a photographer to capture it for you.
  • the fun starts when baby takes their first steps and you have the challenge of photographing a constantly moving toddler. My best tip is to take lots of photos (on an iphone just hold the shutter button down) and be prepared to delete lots of them. Get down on their level so you can really capture the joy on their face while they are stumbling around.


The mini month signs in our Kid Magazine shop are also a beautiful way to create memories by taking a monthly photo of your baby for the first 12 months.

Do you have a tip for awesome baby photos? Are there any other milestones you have captured?


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