In our household, managing the time when our cat and dog are together is hard enough. Our cat rules the roost and likes the dog to know it. The dog on the other hand thinks that he can win the cat over with his playful charm. Wrong. Then throw kids in to the mix and the cat runs to hide in the deepest, darkest corners of the house while the dog loses even more control with excitement at the little people he can play with. Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t give up my zoo and its inhabitants for anything.

My experience got me thinking about how other people manage their zoos and thinking that they must have similar problems. I have compiled a list of the top resources on the web for making managing pets and kids easy.

1. Pooch Mag is generally a fabulous resource for anyone who is a dog owner with a helpful breed databaseand advice on everything pooch. Read their article on Introducing Your Dog to Baby if you are welcoming a bub into the home with an established dog.

2. has a range of advice for pet owners. We think the cats and kids page is a really great overview of managing both older kids and cats and introducing cats to new babies.

3.iVillage have shared a list of the Top 10 pets for children to consider when choosing a pet for your little ones. Some unusual choices listed to cater for all personalities!

4. The RSPCA Autsralia Knowledgebase answers some questions about pet ownership and kids as well as including links to some other useful sites.

Have you come across any other resources for choosing and managing pets when kids are involved?


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